Upper School Course Catalog

The AACS Upper School challenges students to reach their potential as scholars, artists, athletes, and, most importantly, as followers of Christ. Students learn to think critically, solve problems, communicate, and collaborate as they discover and appreciate their God-given gifts and talents. A wide variety of courses are offered, from introductory through AP® and honors, to help students explore, discover, learn, and understand the world around them.

Typical Four-Year Scheduling Plan

Scheduling Plan

Minimum Credit Requirements by Department

Department Credits
Bible 2.0
English 4.0
Mathematics 3.0
must include Biology
Social Studies
must include U.S. History and American Government
World Languages
of the same language*
Physical Education
must include Health & Fitness
Fine Arts 1.0
Technology 1.0
Electives** 4.0
Senior Practicum Research Writing 0.5
*Many colleges prefer students to have more than 2 credits of a world language.
** Elective credits can also be earned by completing a fourth science credit, third language credit, etc.