Bible Instruction

The AACS Bible Department provides an engaging curriculum that trains students to understand and apply the Scriptures, the doctrines of the historic Christian faith, and a Christian worldview to all aspects of their lives.

We engage students to deepen their faith through an inquiry into and knowledge of Scripture and Christian doctrine. Implicit in this is the understanding of creation, fall, redemption and restoration.

We acknowledge that it is ultimately the work of the Holy Spirit to change lives; however, we do desire to create an environment that encourages spiritual growth through a love for God and His Word. That is to say, we strive to inspire and exhort each student to seek truth, serve others, and steward creation. Thus, our courses will be taught so as to develop in our students an intellectual understanding of Scripture, equipping them to live out their faith in a fallen world. As a covenant school, is our desire to partner with Christian families and local churches in order to support them in helping students see and understand the importance of a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

These three things should be accomplished on each level individually:

  1. Understand and apply the Scriptures
  2. Understand and apply the doctrines of the historic Christian faith
  3. Understand and apply a Christian Worldview

Bible class is a regular part of the curriculum from K – 12th grade. 

Lower School Bible classes aim to develop basic biblical literacy in children. Children learn they are made in the image of God, are loved by Him, and are made for a purpose.  They begin to understand the meaning of “worldview.” 

Middle School Bible courses are designed to help strengthen students’ spiritual foundation as they become more aware of the challenges of culture and the world around them.  From 6th through 8th grades, students progress through Old Testament Studies, Comparative World Religions, and New Testament Studies.