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The beginning of adolescence marks the beginning of dramatic changes. Students at this age, though young and inexperienced, are in the process of putting childhood behind them and preparing for the high school years. They often feel self-conscious and unready for adult responsibilities, but they yearn, nevertheless, to be mature. We recognize the traits of this period of transition and address them in the design of our Middle School. From the sixth grade orientation to the final eight grade chapel service, students are guided, encouraged and challenged toward being young adults.

During these three years, students will advance from self-contained classrooms to rotated scheduling and greater academic demands. Emphasis is placed on the acquiring of skills necessary to work capably as independent learners. Students learn how to study, budget their time, prepare for a test, plan a project, and work in a group. Our focus is on preparing our students for both the academic challenge of high school and the challenge of life decisions.

Students are held to high standards of behavior. We stress personal responsibility for actions and actively reinforce character development. We expect students to be active partners in their learning, giving their best efforts toward developing a strong academic background that will enable them to use their God-given potential.

Collaboration and teamwork are fundamental to our success. Our teachers are organized into grade-level teaching teams and each teacher on the team teaches all of the children in that grade level. Each team is dedicated to understanding the developmental needs of the children in that grade and crafting a challenging educational program for their students. Teaching teams meet daily to discuss academic, curricular, and student concerns. The team plans ways to help students connect and apply biblical teaching to their subjects. Teachers, along with our guidance department, stay in close contact with parents in addressing student needs or issues.

Students in the Middle School are called to transform, discern, and lead.

Transform - Sixth grade students are transforming in every way - academically, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. We encourage and direct them to become more responsible, self-disciplined seekers of God and Truth.

Discern - As seventh graders continue to transform and discover their own identities, they need to develop discernment in their day-to-day decision-making. They begin to take ownership of their identity in Christ and take an active role as a student, thereby discerning how following Jesus produces godly actions in every aspect of life.

Lead - The eighth grade year is focused on gaining and honing leadership skills. Throughout the year, students are given opportunities to discover, understand, and apply the call to be servant leaders in the community. As eighth graders focus on their academics, they are encouraged to realize that education is more than just a means to an end, but is rather a journey that will shape their entire lives.

Rick Slenk joined Annapolis Area Christian School in 1981. He has served as a Middle and Upper School teacher and as the Upper School Dean of Students before assuming his current position in 1997. Prior to joining AACS, Mr. Slenk served as a teacher for the Michigan Department of Corrections. Mr. Slenk graduated from Calvin College in 1976 with a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and obtained a master's degree in Management and Supervision from Loyola University in 1989.

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