Making Christian Education Possible

The Anchor Fund is primarily a source of income for AACS to keep Christ-centered educational excellence affordable for mission-fit families. Last year, AACS provided $1.7 million in tuition assistance. Consider a gift today and help us award needs-based financial aid to families. Give online or send your check payable to:

Annapolis Area Christian School
109 Burns Crossing Rd.
Severn, MD 21144

Donate to the Anchor Fund
Severn Lower School students perform at spring concert

Support our mission to offer an academically challenging and distinctively Christian education to students at AACS.

With your support, the Anchor Fund will continue to be a source of revenue, enabling over 300 students to attend our school. Please consider donating to the Anchor Fund.


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Why Support Christian Education

Data from 4,000+ students and 450+ schools over the last 10 years (Cardus Education Survey) shows graduates of protestant Christian schools are:


They have more clarity about their goals in life and are in jobs that fulfill their callings.


They are equipped to engage relationally, have fewer feelings of hopelessness and show more respect for authority in society.


They are grateful for income/possessions and volunteer more hours in community service.


They are less likely to get divorced, more likely to pray with others, and more likely to be involved in a local church.