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Name and Best Contact Phone Number​
Name and Best Contact Phone Number​
Name and Best Contact Phone Number​

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Code of Conduct and Approval

Please read the transportation code of conduct document and review with the child or children who will be riding the bus.

Full cooperation with the bus driver is expected. The driver has authority to make any decision necessary to ensure the safety of all.

Remain seated at all times. No one may walk around, get out of their seat, turn around in their seat, change seats, climb over seats or crawl under seats. All body parts are to be kept inside the bus at all times and to one’s self. Nothing is to be hung or thrown out of windows or doors. Foul and/or inappropriate language, fighting, pushing, rough playing or causing any harm to self or other riders will not be tolerated and may result in loss of riding privileges. Public displays of affection are forbidden. Low inside voices are to be used while riding, no screaming or yelling aloud. These rules will be strictly enforced!

No eating or drinking on the bus. The only drink allowed will be water in plastic bottles. Any damage to seats or other parts of the bus will be billed to the responsible party of the student. GUM CHEWING is not permitted.

Bus Disciplinary Procedures: Note: AACS Principals may also add consequences to disciplinary issues that happen on the bus.

First Warning: The student will be placed on a seat in the front of the bus for an amount of time determined by the bus driver. A disciplinary notice will be sent to the parents and the appropriate AACS principal.

Second Warning: The student will be given a detention which will be served at AACS on the date determined by the Principal. Parents and the AACS Principal will be given a written note detailing the incident.

Third Warning: Suspension from riding privileges for up to 5 days without refund of payment. The parents and AACS Principal will be notified in writing detailing the incident. The suspension is immediate and will run consecutive days.

Subsequent and or the seriousness of behaviors will result in immediate loss of riding privileges (expulsion). No refund of payment will be offered for suspension or expulsion from the bus.

Drop Off Policy: Parents are to meet the bus on time, or make arrangements. If someone other than a parent is picking up the child, prior written notice must be provided to the Director of Transportation and the driver, “if” the individual picking up your student is not already on your registration form. Once students have boarded the bus, they must stay on the bus until the appointed destination has been reached. No unauthorized drop-off is permitted without advance written permission. Upper School Students only, may be left at a stop (except Belcroft Bible Church) without a parent/guardian being there (unless the parent puts in writing, not to leave their Upper School Student at a stop). Middle school & lower school students may be left at a stop without a parent/guardian being there, (except Belcroft Bible Church) as long as the Drop Off Permission/Waiver Form (on the next page) is signed and submitted with the completion of your registration. Never will a middle or lower school student be left at a stop without a parent/guardian being there unless we receive a signed waiver. If a parent/guardian is not at the designated stop at the time of drop off, the driver will bring the lower or middle school student back to their campus at the end of their route, and place the child in “Aftercare” at either Middle or Lower school, depending on grade. There will be a charge to the parent for “Aftercare” and will be the parent’s responsibility to pick the child up from the school. Once the child has to be brought back to school, and is placed in “Aftercare”, the Bus driver will no longer be responsible for the child. An additional feewill be charged to the parent, from the Transportation Dept., for the bus/driver costs needed to accommodate these arrangements.

I have read and discussed these standards of conduct with my child (ren). I will abide by these policies and standards, and work with the bus driver to ensure the safety of travel. [Parent(s) and Student(s) must sign before child (ren) will be permitted to ride the bus.]

Typing parent and child or children's names in the field below serves as signature of agreement to the AACS Code of Conduct.

I agree to the above transportation code of conduct.​
I agree to the above transportation code of conduct.​

Drop Off Permission/Wiaver Form
Please read and sign below if applicable.

My middle or lower school child/children (names typed below) has/have my permission to remain at the bus stop alone, in the event that I do not make it to the stop on time. Parents/guardians assume responsibility once a student arrives at their stop and departs the bus, Annapolis Area Christian School and the bus company is no longer responsible. I release Annapolis Area Christian School from all responsibility and liability if my child/children remain at the bus stop unsupervised. (NO STUDENTS CAN BE LEFT AT BELCROFT BIBLE CHURCH UNLESS THEY ARE SIGNED UP WITH THEIR AFTERCARE PROGRAM)

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You will be billed based upon the transportation selections you made on the previous pages. By selecting an option below, I understand that there are no refunds or prorates on services once I have completed this form and I authorize AACS to add transportation charges to my FACTS account or invoice me if a FACTS account is not utilized.​​