Spring Fling Testimonials

Two Sides of Spring Fling...Both are Life Changing: I have been to more than 10 Spring Flings over the years (both as a student and a counselor), and I can honestly say that it is the most meaningful time of spiritual growth I have ever had at AACS. There's a lot to be said about “getting away from it all" and taking your mind off of the daily stress of life, and that's exactly what Spring Fling provides.

Although it may seem like a sacrifice to give up part of Spring break, I have never regretted even for a second the time given to Spring Fling. In addition to personal spiritual growth, Spring Fling provides time with students that allows for meaningful conversations that are just not possible at school. It is fantastic to spend time with former students, and the structure of the trip gives plenty of time for personal interaction with students in a non-academic environment. Most of the best conversations with students that I have had in the last decade have happened at Spring Fling. 


I feel strongly that Spring Fling is the perfect living out of our school's mission. It's a time for teachers and students to interact as brothers and sisters in Christ, and it gives an ideal opportunity for creating the strong teacher/student bonds that make our school excellent. If what we do best is relationships—and I believe it is—then Spring Fling is an irreplaceable part of what makes us who we are as a school community. Come to Spring Fling and you'll see—for a very small investment of time, I guarantee you will come back with something much greater. This is what being a Christian school teacher is all about.
-former student and trip volunteer and AACS teacher

 I plan to spend every Spring Break at Spring Fling: I was excited for my first Spring Fling. I figured it would be another fun retreat with friends in a cool place. It was that, but so much more that I never expected. Spring Fling gave me fellowship with other students and time with God. The retreat allowed me to bond with my friends outside of school. Plus where else do you get to spend your spring break hanging with your teachers? Plus a huge hot tub, the screamer, and a 1000 foot zip line. Most importantly, though, it brought me much closer spiritually with God. The speakers in the worship services are phenomenal and explain everything in a way so that teenagers can understand and apply it to our lives. Also, I made lasting friendships with students from the other grades that I would not usually know, rather than just hanging with my friends my own age. The relationships created at Spring Fling are strong because of the bond created there. Everyone who goes comes home changed in some way. 
-an AACS Freshman (Class of 2017)

Being Still and Seeking to Know: I look forward to Spring Fling from the time I leave Rockbridge until I get back the next year. How could I say no to going to the mountains and feeling the wind come off the lake? We're all running around from dawn to dusk playing Frisbee and soccer, dancing and hollering our way down the zip line. As much as I love the fun and fellowship, I find myself coming away with more than memories. I look forward to Spring Fling because it's the most beautiful, meaningful time I get to spend alone. That might sound strange, but it's a place where I can feel and think about the things in my life that usually get pushed down and away. It is so easy to get caught up in the moment and stress of life-- to depend far too much on the little things for significance and worth. It becomes habit to push aside the real, deep necessities the soul really cries out for. It's far easier to go through the motions and convince myself I'm actually moving forward. So, during my few days at Rockbridge, I've spent time sitting under a tree or on the grassy shore of the lake. Visions have not appeared and I haven't heard a literal voice from heaven. Please don't begin to think I simply stand up after fifteen minutes and feel like everything is resolved. In fact, when I leave Spring Fling, I leave with desire and yearning. I leave with a challenge to truly live: to keep seeking after Jesus, to “press on toward the goal." When I get up from my spot by the lake, I'm simply a little more willing to strive “to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me."
- a 2013 senior

I want to go this year, I heard it was a lot of FUN."  
- Middle School Girl

It was really fun, it's really good spiritually and you get to know so many people really well. The zip line was the BEST."
- Middle School Boy 

 AMAZING! That is the first word I think of. A wonderful experience. It would probably be the best experience a child will ever have."  
- Parent and Trip Volunteer

I created the trip to give kids a chance to have the greatest week of their life over Spring Break while presenting them with the Gospel at the same time. The trip keeps getting better and better. The kids are blown away at the amount of excitement we can pack into such a short time."  
- Paul Brophy

It's soooooooo much fun because you get to hang out with your friends all the time and see lots of people. You get so much freedom. The food and worship are great."  
- Freshman Girl

Spring Fling is not only four straight days of nonstop fun with friends but also a time where you are personally challenged and encouraged in your faith."  
- Senior Boy

 It was one of the best weeks of my freshman year. I made a lot of new friends; it was awesome!"
- Sophomore Girl

Next to Disneyland, it's the happiest place on earth!"  
- Junior Boy

 Spring Fling is the best because you're surrounded by all your friends and all you do is play and learn about God."
- Junior Girl

It's an incredible time to get away from the craziness and focus on God and hang out with friends."
- 5 time attendee and volunteer leader