Uniforms at Our Private Christian School

While not all schools in the area require their students to wear uniforms, our private Christian school does. Our team believes there are many advantages of wearing school uniforms, one being that they help create a team of united students and staff. We understand that each child comes to the school with a different background. The families are all from different socioeconomic backgrounds and uniforms help level the playing field and remove any expectations on clothing, styles, and trends. This can help remove the potential for bullying. Not only that, but it can help remove peer pressure as well. If a child isn't wearing something that their peers normally would, they may feel like they don't fit in. This can cause problems with self-esteem as well as a lack of confidence which can affect their grades. 

Uniforms within our Christian lower, middle, and high schools also help to increase safety. If someone is in the building that shouldn't be, this can easily be pointed out. Or, if the class is on a field trip, the teacher can easily spot all of the students in the group. It encourages professionalism, reduces distractions, and helps our students focus on their character. Not to mention, makes it easier for parents and caregivers to get their children ready in the morning. 

At Annapolis Area Christian School, we strive to create a Christian education setting that promotes togetherness and belonging among our students in ways far beyond the clothes your child wears.  The AACS Uniform Program is designed to be affordable, easily and consistently enforced, and to provide parents with convenience as they purchase uniforms. Our Uniform Program represents a consistent style, modest dress, and similar appearance across all three campuses.

Parents can refer to the Parent/Student Handbook  and links located in their Parent Portal for details about how to order uniforms from Lands'End.