Student Life Activities

There's just something different at AACS. You can feel it from the moment you step foot onto the campus: students engaged, happy to be at school, and willing to lend a helping hand. No, it's not something in the's Jesus. There is a warm and welcoming environment at AACS and our parents, students, faculty, staff, and visitors notice and appreciate it every day. 

At AACS, we are serious about learning, but not only about facts and figures. We're serious about loving our neighbors, respecting each other, and building god-honoring relationships. That means we must create opportunities for practice. In addition to the many clubs, retreats, conferences, mission trips, and community service opportunities, AACS students also enjoy a wide variety of events where they can have a break from the regular school routine.

Not only do we strive to give your child a great Christian education, but we keep them engaged through various activities. In our Christian lower school, students will have the opportunity to take various field trips and celebrate special days including Grandparent’s and Grandfriend’s Day, the 100th day of school, Pioneer Indian Day, Birthday Party for Jesus, and much more. In the Christian middle school, students can spend some of their time on student council, have fun during spirit week, join in on a kickball tournament, decorate doors, and many other fun and engaging activities.

When our students reach the Christian upper school, they will start with freshman orientation. At the beginning of the year, we will celebrate homecoming and spirit week and finish the year with a Junior/Senior prom. Your child can join the National Honor Society and student council, as well as other various groups. For more information on the activities AACS students can enjoy, take a look below.