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Virtual School Begins!

Ready or not, America is home for the foreseeable future. Rather than allowing the thought of spending the next few weeks under one roof dampen their spirits, AACS teachers, students, and families logged several hours over Spring Break preparing for a new way of teaching and learning. March 30, 2020: day one exceeded all expectations. Connected through technology, covered in prayer, and working to glorify the Lord, our community transitioned to virtual school without skipping a beat. Zoom, Google Classroom, Kodable.com, digital libraries, and more provide the online space for teachers and students to engage and thrive. And while working and learning from home is anything but easy, the AACS community is praying together, staying together, and letting their collective light shine...from afar. 

For you are all children[fn] of light, children of the day. We are not of the night or of the darkness. -1Thessalonians 5:5

Special thanks to Breanna Wheeler '01, graphic artist and mother of Caleb and Evelyn, both of whom are students at the Annapolis Lower School. Breanna reached out to families at the Annapolis and Severn campuses who have kids in fourth and fifth grades. Most of the photos in the slideshow came from her project. The fourth- and fifth-grade teachers on both lower school campuses received the following collage of students sporting their new "virtual" looks, senses of humor, and gratitude for the teachers they love and miss. Thank you, Breanna, for sharing your artistic gifts with the AACS community just when it was needed most.