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Pellet Treasures

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Dissecting owl pellets is a perennial favorite and this year Mrs. Allred's fourth grade finished a unit on owls with a synchronous lab so everyone could participate at the same time from home or in the classroom. 

Pellets are not the same as other animal's droppings. Barn owls love to eat small rodents, reptiles, rabbits, and insects, for example. In fact, they swallow their meal whole. An owl's digestive system is able to breakdown the soft tissues consumed. All of the indigestible parts--for example, bones, feathers, scales, and, teeth--form a pellet, which the owl will later regurgitate through its mouth.

"The students used a bone chart to try to determine what animal or animals their barn owl ate for dinner...sometimes lunch and breakfast too!" Mrs. Allred explained. Kids gave the day rave reviews and chatted excitedly from classroom to home and back again with via Zoom during the somewhat smelly exercise. "This was one activity where wearing a mask came in handy!" Laughed Mrs. Allred. Check out all the fun photos on our AACS Gallery. We'd love more online student photos. Please email them to communications@aacsonline.org.