• Upper School
Newly Minted EMT Is Ready to Serve

Although Class of  2021 Luke Caton's dad is a volunteer EMT captain, Luke didn't fully understand exactly what he was signing on for last fall when he began the 15-week, 10-credit Anne Arundel County Community College (AACCC) course with 128 hours of lecture and 52 hours of field experience. The course focused on the fundamentals of EMT training, including control of the emergency scene, patient assessment, and management of patients in the field or in transit. Caton's fall schedule at AACS piled on three AP courses, including Chemistry and Calculus, but despite the long hours in class day and night, Caton persevered and in December, just before Christmas, he passed the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Service Systems (MIEMSS) exam. During his field experience, he worked 12-hour shifts, documenting ten of the 50+ patients he encountered for his coursework requirements. One such shift was with his dad, Caton recalls, at Station 40 in West Annapolis, where Caton will join his dad once all paperwork is processed. "It can be very intense and stressful at times." Caton shared. "It was eye-opening and affirmed my career interest in the health sciences." When asked about COVID-19, he didn't hesitate: "I'm looking forward to serving alongside my dad in whatever way I can. Knowing I can contribute later this year as a first responder in the COVID-19 pandemic makes the sleep deprivation and weekend study marathons worth the sacrifice." If you are interested in the EMT program at AACCC, start with the online information session. available for viewing at your convenience.