Glorious Graduation Day 2021!

On May 27, 2021, our community gathered for Annapolis Area Christian School's Graduation Ceremony to honor the 95 graduates of the Class of 2021. Inspirational, Christ-centered, and heartfelt messages from students and faculty combined with a glorious sunny day. The excitement and joy were palpable as families, faculty, guests, and graduates basked in the gift of face-to-face fellowship with each other for the first time in more than a year.

From beginning to end, the Lord was praised and glorified. Commencement speaker James "J.B" Brown, the host of The NFL Today on CBS, described his broadcasting career as his avocation. "My vocation," he explained,  "is about the business of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Indeed, in everything that I do, it is the Scripture that I turn to no matter what role I am in." Brown, an ordained minister, used his storytelling talent and God's Word to bring home four points: walking with visible faith, defeating rejection, respecting the power of words, and choosing love. 

Visit the AACS Class of 2021 landing page for links to all graduation events, available for viewing on the school's YouTube channel. Photo galleries are posted on the AACS Class of 2021 page as well. 


Sarah Deputy '21
"This year has taught me many things. As Lamentations 3 reminds us it is by holding fast to our Lord…that we can have certainty in times of uncertainty. …It is God who provides this blessed assurance to whom we are eternally grateful. And so, in closing to my classmates I say, the veil through which we entered our last year of high school has been lifted. Be abundantly hopeful and confident in the future that the Lord has opened up to you. And remember that He is always with you and will never forsake you. In this, we find our certainty no matter where he takes us in the next steps of our journey."

Caleb Bos '21
"We are the class of the 17-year cicadas, the outdoor graduation, and the reign of masks and social distancing. …One day, we will share these stories with our children and our grandchildren who, I pray, will never have to experience the horrors of Zoom classes and virtual AP exams. …You can expect to find great people from all different walks of life [in the Class of 2021]. However, what unites this group above all else is our shared love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What sets AACS apart…is its dedication to a biblical worldview that manifests itself in every aspect of the school culture….”

Alumni Association Welcome
Vaughn Ridings '10
Upper School Math & Science Faculty Member, Varsity Soccer Head Coach
"Be ready for the unexpected whether good or bad, represent well, and honor this community as alumni. Graduates of the Class of 2021, we pray that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way, bearing fruit in every good work and growing in the knowledge of God."

Commencement Speaker
James "J.B." Brown
"[As Christians, we are all given] wonderful spiritual gifts but they need to be wrapped in such a fashion because...the [answer to] issues that the world is facing today lies with us. We are the salt and light that is going to turn this world around….You [AACS students] have additional responsibility whether you seek it or not because people are going to be looking at you to lead the way."

"Even though people in culture don’t necessarily embrace Jesus Christ…, living out our faith is crucial.… because many [both fairly and unfairly] accuse us of being no different than the world. How awful is that to hear given what the challenges are in the public square that people would think that we can’t have civil discourse. [We are to] represent ourselves in Jesus Christ well by [offering input] with substance as opposed to the vitriol and harsh language in the public square. Let’s make sure we are living out our faith so that the people know unmistakably  who it is that we belong to because the last time that I checked the Bible…faith in Jesus Christ is open to the who so ever will."

James Brown is the host of “The NFL Today” on CBS and “Inside the NFL”  on Showtime. A three-time Emmy Award-winning network broadcaster,  Brown has hosted the Super Bowl a record-breaking ten times, including  Super Bowl LV on CBS. Brown is a Special Correspondent for CBS News and contributes to various programs such as 60 Minutes and CBS This  Morning. As an ordained minister, Brown enjoys speaking at churches and conferences around the country. He is also involved in a number of charitable organizations including GENYOUth, of which he is a Board Member; the  Ron & Joy Paul Kidney Center at George Washington University; and St. Jude  Children’s Research Hospital. Among numerous honors, Brown was elected to the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame in August 2020, was named the  Best Studio Host of the Decade by in 2010, received the 2016 Pete  Rozelle Award by the Pro Football Hall of Fame which recognizes "longtime exceptional contributions to radio and television in professional football," and received The Uncommon Award from Tony Dungy for his "uncommon leadership through character and faith."