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Faculty Member's Poem Published

photograph by Michael Lentz '12

AACS's worship and media arts coordinator and 2012 alumnus Michael Lentz's poem in FATHOM magazine is no surprise to those who know him well. On April 13, the digital magazine, whose accolades include the Evangelical Press Association's top awards for Bible Exposition and Poetry, published Lentz's "Considerations for prayer in an apocalypse." He is a gifted filmmaker, photographer, artist, musician, and performer. A 2017 graduate of Calvin University (neé College), Lentz studied English linguistics and sociology. He returned to AACS and is finishing his third year on faculty at the Upper School. 

Over the past two months, the world has changed in ways previously unimaginable. This poem is grounding and a beautiful reminder of the Spirit of the Lord and His promises.

Considerations for prayer in an apocalypse

whenever the world groans,
remember we’ve been knowing pain
together, agree to separate
surrendering your desire for another’s breath
understanding your place
in the cycle of conviction


while you are waiting, stay afloat
consider Noah
send ravens, send doves, send doves again
remain until they bring green to your window

while you are waiting, find shade
consider Jonah
repent, talk to your neighbors, give hope
sit up straight

while you are waiting, count the clouds
consider the Israelites
eat, sing songs, light candles
listen to the prophets

while you are waiting, reconceive worthiness
consider Mary
believe, ponder in your heart, carry what you can
ask for more wine

while you are waiting, yes—isolate
consider our Savior
bread crumbles, rulers fall, angels cannot catch us
yet the word of the Lord is forever

under the weight of trouble,
remember we’ve been knowing temptation
walk firm through fire, planting each foot
expecting the peace to pass
understanding your place
in the rhythm of revelation.