Visual Arts

Students who participate in the Visual Arts program use various media, including painting, drawing, graphic art, and 3D sculpture. Student art is displayed on each campus for public and community viewing during school hours, after-school events, and facilities rentals. Additionally, students design yearbooks, decorate school facilities for special events, create props and sets for theatre productions, and design graphics for publications and the web.  

At the Lower School, students study art year-round from Kindergarten through 5th Grade.  Middle School students meet three times per week for one semester in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  Upper School course offerings include:

  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Interactive Art History
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Portfolio Prep
  • Honors Studio Art
  • Graphic Design and Photoshop
  • Digital Studio and Illustrator

Upper School students can also choose to join the co-curricular Art Club where they serve both AACS and the local Annapolis area community.

Through active participation, visual arts students at all grade levels will:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the elements of art and principles of design
  • Identify God as the ultimate Creator, reflecting His creative nature and glorify Him through expression
  • Explore a variety of visual art media
  • Critique and analyze works of visual art
  • Differentiate between making and creating visual art

AACS art students learn the elements of art, the principles of design, the fundamentals of drawing, painting, printmaking, collage-making, wire sculpting, calligraphy, graphic design, and other visual art formats.  Through their years at AACS they will also learn about the history of visual art, and the role of a Christian in the visual arts community.