As the official honor society for the theatre arts, commitment to theatre is what the International Thespian Society (ITS) is all about. The Society was established in 1929 by a group of college and high school teachers in Fairmont, West Virginia. They named their organization the National Thespian Society for Thespis, the Greek who, according to legend, was the first actor. Their guiding principle was a dedication to excellence in theatre arts in secondary schools. Today, the Society has grown into an international organization with millions of members and with troupes in every state and many foreign countries.Annapolis Area Christian School’s Troupe #7256 was established in December of 2007 and has since inducted over 150 students into the Society. The purpose of our troupe is the advancement of standards of excellence in theatre, service of the community, and glorification of God. More specifically, our troupe actively encourages students to attain a better mastery of the theatre arts and to honor God through performance and service.

To be inducted into Troupe #7256 of the ITS, the following must apply for a student…

  • Be currently enrolled in grades 9-12 at AACS
  • Have participated in either two Upper School mainstage productions or one Upper School mainstage production and one theatre course at AACS
  • Have ten points (no more than five coming from middle school)
    • The Point System is what the ITS uses to account for theatrical work. One point is worth ten hours of work. 

If you have any questions or are interested in being inducted into the International Thespian Society, contact troupe director Ms. Sarah Bierc at

Previous Upper School Production Photos


Photographer: Nathalie Meade