General Music

Lower School

General Music courses from Kindergarten through 5th grade engage students in movement games; dramatic readings; interpretive song performances; and instrumental music study with hand chimes, recorders, and other instruments. Students also learn by listening to recordings, composing music, and watching videos or attending concerts of orchestral music, choral music, popular music, and opera.

Students who participate in the General Music program will perform for a Thanksgiving Chapel service and for the Lower School’s special Grandparent’s Day; they may also perform in either the Christmas Concert or the Spring Concert.

Middle SchoolMiddle School students can take Music Exploration in addition to or instead of Band or Chorale. They learn to recognize arguments contained in musical works; critique musical quality; investigate multiple genres of music; consider artistic philosophies and music trends throughout history; identify key signatures, time signatures, and scales; and analyze harmonies.

Upper SchoolAt the Upper School, students may elect to take Music Theory & Appreciation and Advanced Placement Music Theory. Students expand on music classes from Middle School learning advanced skills in critiquing musical quality; identifying key signatures, time signatures, and scales; and analyzing harmonies.