Choral Music

As part of our comprehensive arts program, AACS has an outstanding choral music program. Students study vocal technique, rhythm, melody, timbre, harmony, form, and expression.


Upper School

The Upper School has six choral groups, including Women's Choir, Men's Ensemble, Bell'Arte Singers (an auditioned female group), Men of Note (an all-male a capella group), Nota Dolce (an all-female a capella group), and the Madrigal Singers (an auditioned chamber group).

Choral music students perform in an annual Christmas concerts.   Choral students also perform an annual Spring concert and participate in numerous performances in the greater Annapolis community. Past venues include the National Gallery of Art, The White House, and the Notre Dame Basilica de Quebec. Students also performed for a Papal audience in Rome, Italy. Choral students participate in service projects, including performances at churches, schools, and assisted living facilities. Upper School students deliver “Singing Valentines,” and take an annual Choir Tour to locations across North America and Europe.

Upper School choral students expand on the skills developed in Middle School and will sing consistently with proper vocal technique, understand and engage in healthy sound production, interpret music, analyze theoretical constructs, and serve others through musical performances.

All of our choral students use their musical gifts and knowledge to further Christ’s kingdom and bring glory to God.

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Middle School

Middle School students may take Chorale in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. They learn to identify and perform basic and complex rhythmic patterns, identify and produce intervals, understand and explain the use of common music terms, and sing 3-part chorale selections with confidence. Students also have vocal opportunities as part of the Chapel Band.

Lower School

All Lower School students have opportunities to learn music and sing in weekly chapels and in annual performances. Focused vocal training begins in 5th grade. Each year, students in grades 3-5 perform a Christmas concert, and students in grades Kindergarten-2 perform an annual Spring concert.