The Arts program at Annapolis Area Christian School offers programs in Choral Music, Instrumental Music, General Music, Theatre Arts, and Visual Arts. Our programs are designed to nurture student-artists from kindergarten to graduation and beyond. Developing artistic thought and skill is a lifelong process that reflects the creative nature of our God.

Our art reflects His beauty, and its chief goal is to bring Him glory. We challenge our student-artists to articulate effectively through various artistic media and practice their skill to engage culture and redeem it for Christ and His kingdom.

Artistic gifts are given by God to reveal His glory and to serve the community. At AACS we achieve this through collaboration between art forms, campuses, and academic disciplines. Our arts groups routinely visit local nursing homes, conduct workshops for local elementary schools, and participate in other service projects in the Annapolis community and beyond. Many Upper School arts students choose to study problems in our world related to the arts for their Senior Practicum, and they conduct service projects related to their research.