Ed-Tech Books & Online Textbook Connection

Access the EdTech website and order your students books today!


  1. Sign in / Sign up in the online bookstore. (Log in, or sign up if you're a new user).
  2. Access the bookstore.  After you log in, if you want SUMMER reading, you must change the little box that defaults to "Fall 2019" to "Summer 2019" then click the Store link on the left side menu to access the bookstore.  From the main screen click Shop Now.
  3. Select your term, courses, and books.  Click continue.
  4. Review your order and complete the checkout process by logging into your Shelfit account.

Click here for more detailed ordering instructions from EdTech.

Click here to get to your EdTech Login page. After you log in, click "Store" then select "Sell" to start the buyback process, you will be redirected to sellbackbooks.com. Follow the instructions on the site. If you have any questions or problems please contact customer support at 1(800)681-4883 for further assistance.

Once you click the "Sell" option in the Store you will be redirected to sellbackbooks.com. Follow the instructions on the page to continue.


At the bottom of your sellbackbooks.com screen you will find helpful links like "How to sell textbooks and books" and "What 'good condition' means". If you still need assistance with this process please contact customer support at 1(800)681-4883.

Need More Help? Click here to see the newest Help Feature from EdTech!



Sell Your Used Books Back to EdTech - the Textbook 'Buyback' is online!

Can I drop off my buyback at your warehouse?If you missed your original school buyback date, please contact our customer service at 1(800)681-4883

How many quantities can I send back of the same title?You may only send back 2 quantities of the same title. If more than 2 of the same title are received they will be donated.

The books from last year's buyback are on my certificate...If the quoted amount is lower than expected it is likely due to a new edition of the book being released. The buyback price is determined by the current market price which can change from year to year. Please contact our customer service at 1(800)681-4883

Why didn't I get credit for my books?Any books received with a ripped/torn cover, water damaged pages, excessive graffiti or obscene images will not receive buyback credit and will be immediately recycled. 

When can I expect my buyback check?Once your buyback is received, it will be processed and a check will be mailed out the 3rd week of August although you may receive it sooner. If you require further inquiry please call customer service at 1(800)681-4883.

I bought a textbook from EdTech Software last year, why can I not sell it back? If you bought a textbook from EdTech Software and you are unable to sell it back. The book is either being updated to a newer edition and will not be used by the school next year or there are already too many in stock. Please contact customer support at 1(800)681-4883 for further assistance.

If I bought a textbook from a 3rd party can I sell it back to EdTech Software? Please follow the instructions at Shelfit.com under the Return/Sell Books tab to generate your quote and send in your buyback. If there are any questions please call customer support at 1(800)681-4883

How long will it take for my buyback credit to post to my account?Once your buyback is received by our print ally's warehouse it may take 2-3 weeks for it to post to your account although it may be posted sooner so please check your account online periodically. If you sent your buyback in as part of an on campus buyback your credit will be available in 3-4 weeks after the buyback event. Please call customer service at 1(800)681-4883, if these times have passed.