Tuition Assistance

Need Based Assistance
Annapolis Area Christian School offers tuition assistance to families with demonstrated financial need.  The FACTS system used for tuition payment management is also used for tuition assistance assessment.  Once you have completed your tuition assistance application online, FACTS will verify it along with your supporting documents to provide a need assessment to the school. Please note that you must have a completed application for admission on file before a tuition assistance decision will be made.

Applying for Tuition Assistance
You may fill out the FACTS application during the same timeframe that you are completing your application for admission.  However, your tuition assistance application will not be considered until your application is complete and accepted.

If the award is insufficient for the families needs, the family has seven days from the date of the letter to decline the award and cancel the enrollment/automatic re-enrollment contract. A refund for the total tuition paid toward the coming year will be issued (less the non-refundable automatic tuition deposit for re-enrolled students). If the family does not respond within the seven day deadline, AACS will consider the award/appeal offers as being accepted.

Current Families - New Dates for 2025-2026
  • Returning Families- Tuition Assistance application due by December 31
  • Tuition Assistance awards will be given on February 1
  • Re-enrollment is due by February 7

The FACTS online application is now closed for the 2023-24 school year. All families applying for financial aid for the 2024-2025 school year will need to  provide their 2022 tax return with corresponding schedules, 2022 W-2’s, and year-to-date pay stub.  

Click here to sign-up or sign-in to apply for tuition assistance through the FACTS website. After you are logged-in to your FACTS account, your home page will be on your screen. To the right side of your screen you will need to click on the option to "Apply for Financial Aid with FACTS." Continue to follow directions and answer questions as you are prompted.

For assistance you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 866-441-4637. Tuition Assistance applications must be re-submitted annually.

New Students

Deadline for New Families for Priority Admission: 
  • Admission and Tuition Assistance Applications due by January 15th 
  • *Acceptance offers (with Tuition Assistance awards) will be delivered on February 15th

Tuition assistance applications are not considered until the admissions application has been completed and the requested tax documents have been received by FACTS.  It can take FACTS up to two weeks to process the information and supply AACS with a need assessment.  The AACS assistance committee’s goal is to turn that assessment into a decision within ten days.  Schedule disruptions such as Christmas and spring break may preclude reaching this goal from time to time.

Application for tuition assistance does not affect the admissions decision. Should the amount of assistance offered be insufficient for the family to continue with the student's enrollment, enrollment may be withdrawn and the tuition deposit refunded.  

Automatic Discounts

AACS offers some automatic tuition discounts to a few narrowly defined groups:

  • Multi-Child - A 10% reduction for the 3rd or more concurrently enrolled student, applied to the youngest students.
  • Alumni -10% reduction for the children of someone who earned an AACS diploma.
  • Pastor - 25% for students with a parent who is a full time, vocational pastor.

There is some prior attendance and pastoral service that does not meet these strict definitions. In such cases, families are encouraged to make an application for need based assistance, highlighting these factors in their application for consideration by the committee.

Other Financing Options

In addition to our Tuition Assistance Program, the following are two educational payment/financing options that have experience with Annapolis Area Christian School families.  This by no means represents an exhaustive list of your financial options.  For more options, please consult your bank, or financial planner.

  1. FACTS Tuition Management: This company automates your tuition payment process over 11 months, linking it to a bank account or credit card, adding only a small administrative fee.
  2. Your Tuition Solution: This company provides k-12 educational loans, and operates similarly to a credit card with a low, fixed APR. Please note that your child will need to first be officially enrolled at AACS before your application with Your Tuition Solutions can be processed. Read the brochure!