Testimonials from our own parents and students provide a wonderful view of what it's like to be a part of the AACS community. Here's a sample of some recent testimonials.

Parent Testimonials

“This school is absolutely the best! We are humbled to say that all three of our children attended, with two of them graduating there before we had to PCS with the Army. AACS prepares students well! Our son received many scholarships from Liberty and a free ride from UNLV and our daughter received an appointment to the US Air Force Academy. We have all the teachers at AACS to thank for their success. Truly a wonderful school that honors God in all they say and do!”  —Dianne, Mother of Two AACS Alum

“It was such a blessing to have Bruce attend AACS. He has grown in Christ so very much. I am so happy I partnered with AACS. Thank you so very much for all of your help and guidance over the past 4 years. I would highly recommend AACS to all of my friends and family.”  —Margie, Mother of Graduating Senior

“Dear Ms. Hartman, My son always said that he enjoyed your class. I know you really worked with him throughout his time as a student, and your efforts were and are very much appreciated. Apparently your efforts paid off and something stuck with him. His English professor took him aside and told him how pleased she was with his work. She told him that he was one of her better students and that he must have been well instructed in high school. He currently has an A in that class. He was so happy to hear a praise like that, he phoned me in the middle of the day to let me know. He actually said AACS really was preparing me for college, I just didn't know it at the time. So thank you Ms. Hartman for being the teacher you are and preparing my son to do his best. I can't thank you enough!”  —Monica, Mother of an AACS Graduate

“During Back To School Night, I found myself looking around and thinking about how God has used AACS to shape and mold my son. How he used AACS to rescue him at a time when he was struggling badly in the public school system. He was lost. He was alone. He was hurting. But now? Well, you can see for yourself. God has used AACS to shape my son in so many ways. Music. Drama. Athletics. Academics. Socially. Spiritually. Maturity. He once was lost, but now is found. Cliche' I know, but honestly, it's what has happened. And as I sat there during Back To School Night, I realized it was all coming to an end. What I have come to take for granted is drawing to a close. I have already started praying that God will provide a college environment with a similar vibe......where God will use the people around my son to shape and mold him for His purposes.”  —Scott, Father of Upper School student

“My daughter came to a AACS for her junior year and was amazed at the open welcome arms of the students and the staff! We loved every minute of her time with the Bell'Arte choir, the tennis team and preparation and presentation of her senior practicum! It was worth every penny and minute that was spent at the school. Our only regret is not bringing her sooner to the school!”  —April, Mother of a AACS Graduate

“Just wanted to let you know how HAPPY the boys are to be back at AACS. They are fitting in just fine and we feel so blessed to be back. The teachers have been awesome and so helpful in catching them up where holes were from the old school. The teachers are great and really care about the student's success and make themselves available to help.” —Jennifer, Mother of Middle and Upper School Students

“We made a decision to have our child change to AACS this year, and it was the best possible decision we could have made. We have no doubt that she will reap the rewards of AACS experience for the rest of her life! Thank you to the school for paying attention to EVERYTHING! Your effort is changing lives. We are all so proud to be a part of it!”  —Steve, Father of Upper School Student

“I want you to know that this move could not have been successful without the help, guidance and support of AACS. The love, support and grace we have received from your school, staff, teachers, students, and parents has been truly an amazing work of God. I could go on and on about your entire team. My kids have never known anything but one house and one school - so it was a huge leap of faith to move and come to AACS. We will be forever grateful for and blessed by AACS.”  —Allison, Mother of Three AACS Students

“It is evident, at every level of AACS, that the faculty and staff's first priority is the heart of the student. They truly believe that each student is fearfully and wonderfully made. Because of his experience at AACS, our son's heart and mind is prepared for what God will call him to do.”  —Cindy, Mother of an AACS Graduate

“The school is the best Christian school that I have ever come across. I am beyond pleased with the efforts made by all of the faculty and staff during this past school year. My children do not want to go to any other school. They love the school and so do we.” —Susan, Mother of Lower School Children

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our son’s first year attending AACS. We loved how he’d come home humming and singing new worship songs from chapel.”  —Amanda, Parent of a Lower School Child

“The middle school experience has been overall WONDERFUL for all of my kids. The teachers and staff have a heart for these kids and for the Lord. They truly care about each and every one of the students and it shows.”  —Laura, Mother of Middle School Students

“AACS has been such a blessing to our whole family. It’s been life changing! The teachers and staff care so much about the kids and their families. They are so kind loving, and full of grace. We are so thankful that God placed us in the AACS community.” —Jennifer, Mother of Lower School Student

“Without exception, AACS is one of the finest education institutions for Christian students I personally have known. Your commitment to excellence both physically and mentally coupled with superior academics sets you high above other schools.” —Todd, Pastor and Father of Upper School Student

“My kids love this place and all of the opportunities available, curricularly and co-curricularly. Mrs. Jenkins has done a great job in Honors Geometry to challenge my daughter while not overwhelming her. She loves that she can engage in legitimate debate in her classes about topics from a biblical perspective with no topic being taboo. She loves that the goal in those classroom debates is to shine the light of Christ on whatever issue is before them. The outdoor events (e.g. Powder Puff, Worship Night) have been fantastic and the Student Life team is to be commended for their tireless efforts in that regard. She loves that it is cool to be a passionate follower of Christ at the Upper School. She has been made to feel very welcomed by many of the older students and that is not always the case in most high schools. Great atmosphere! May God continue to bless the work that is done so diligently by so many!” —Cherise, Mom of Upper School student

“The information/checklist provided for us prior to the start of the year was fantastic, and it helped us tremendously. The information on the website, as well as the emails/reminders, were also extremely helpful. The upper class students who were in yellow t-shirts as ambassadors during the first week were absolutely wonderful, kind and caring and made a huge difference in the transition. This school is superior in making students/families feel welcome and knowledgeable about the process and the school, and ensuring a smooth transition. Extremely well done.” —Mark, Father of Upper School Student

“She absolutely loves AACS and the lifetime friends she has made there over the years. The faculty and staff do an outstanding job of reaching out to the families to make sure each child capitalizes on their strengths, while maintaining high academic standards and making sure that each class is Christ-centered, not just Bible class.” —Sarah, Mom of Middle School Student

“The student/teacher relationship goes far beyond their traditional rolls. The teachers take the time to build relationships with the students and invest in them.” —Brad, Father of Upper and Middle School Students

In Response to AACS Re-Enrollment Reminder:

“My heart sank as I read your reminder to re-enroll. I realized we would no longer be an AACS family. Our last AACS student graduates in May. For the past 11 years we have responded to your re-enrollment emails. We have had a wonderful experience, and our children have greatly benefited through education, and spiritual formation. WE WILL MISS AACS. Thank you for all you do, and have done for us over the years.” —LaDon, Mother of an AACS Graduate and a Senior

Student Testimonials:
“AACS prepared me well for a STEM major in a large public university. I've also now realized the value of the Christian worldview perspective that was provided in all of my classes at AACS. I understand and can fully defend my beliefs and that has been so helpful to me in college. I have many favorite teachers who I hope to keep in contact with and who had a big influence on me during my years there. I will miss AACS.” —Chris, AACS Graduate

“I played lacrosse and football while attending a AACS. Our coaches had become our spiritual leaders, mentors, and friends. They taught us that you can't go it alone; character is important, and regardless of the outcome is, we're all in it together.”  —Victor, AACS Graduate

“Some of my favorite memories at AACS are the outdoor worship nights. It was amazing to see how quickly cliques dissolved and everyone came together to form one community to glorify God. It brought everyone closer and really united the classes in the school as a whole.” —Taylor, AACS Graduate

“My favorite part of a AACS is the opportunity to serve the community through student council. I get to voice the opinions of my peers while planning fun activities. I'm continually inspired by our ultimate goal to build community, value the individual, and create events.” —Justin, Upper School Student

“I had the privilege of being a part of the 2011 AACS football state championship team, and a member of the USA international football team. My experience at AACS led to the opportunity to play in the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots stadiums, and has shown me what football camaraderie can achieve.” —Chayce , AACS Graduate

“Mom I just LOVE my school. I can’t think of any better word to describe it. I just love it.” —Lucy, Lower School Student

“AACS has shaped and influenced me to be a critical thinker, a truth seeker, a passionate creator and steward of beauty, and a thankful servant of the Lord. This is the place I have called home.” —Jodi, AACS Graduate

“The weekly chapel is lots of fun. The worship is great! All the teachers care about us and all personally believe in God and are great role models.” —Braedyn, Middle School Student

“What I like about AACS is all the events that happen outside of the classroom. It is awesome that our school goes on missions trips, travels to Europe, does service projects, hosts many fun student life events, and does so much more.“ —Cal, Upper School Student

“The Christian fellowship at AACS is something indescribable. It's a place where faculty, staff, and students are in community with each other for one purpose.” —Garrett, Upper School Student

“I love the student and teacher relationship here at AACS. It feels like a big family and everyone really cares about each other. I can get extra help for any class whenever I need to and teachers will always be there.” —David, Upper School Student