Frequently Asked Questions

  Your choice of school will have a tremendous and lasting influence on your child. After all, on a typical day, most students spend more time at school with their friends and teachers than with parents. Your child's mind and heart are being shaped by their educational experience. We've put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you decide whether Annapolis Area Christian School is your school of choice. Please note that you can find additional information on our Academics, Arts, Athletic, Admissions, and Student Life pages.

Are You Accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by Association of Christian Schools International, and Middle States.

What Are Your Admissions Requirements?

Annapolis Area Christian School admits students from homes where at least one parent has a personal faith in Jesus Christ and attends a local Bible-based church. The parent or parents must also understand and be willing to support our Statement of Faith. Applications are available on-line. Transcripts, recommendations, and interviews are considered in the decision. See our Admissions Page for more information.

Does AACS Follow Common Core Standards?

First and foremost, AACS is an independent Christian school, guided by Scripture, our Statement of Faith, Mission Statement, Core Principles, and Educational Goals. Consequently, our program is academically excellent and biblically based. We train students with knowledge and skills based on the foundation of God's truth and his authority for all of life. Our desire is that our students will aspire to achieve much because they understand the significance of what it means to be created by God for a purpose.

At all times, we endeavor to present a course of study based on biblical truth, sound educational practice, and appropriate standards that inform the instructional program. For many decades, states and professional organizations have put forth standards for various subject areas, offering a scope and sequence of content to be learned and skills to be developed. AACS remains committed to evaluating standards from a variety of sources, referencing them as appropriate, and adapting them when beneficial to improve our instructional program. Inasmuch as standards help us improve our curriculum, they are useful.

At the same time, we remain aware that some standards do not advance our already well-developed program or our Biblical world and life view. Christian education is distinguished by applying knowledge informed by biblical truth to all of life. Standards alone do not get us to that goal. Thus, our decisions for curriculum development are informed by professional standards, but not driven by them.

Ours is a faith-based mission, which requires us to use Scripture, our Christian perspective as well as our experience, training, and professional judgment when evaluating our educational program. We must always ask, "Are we teaching students to think as Christians?"


What are average SAT scores?

Average SAT scores for the class of 2017 as compared to national, state, and county scores for the same year are:

National: EBRW (Verbal) 538 and Mathematics 533

State: EBRW (Verbal) 536 and Mathematics 524

AA County: EBRW (Verbal) 541 and Mathematics 530

AACS: EBRW (Verbal) 587 and Mathematics 567


What Is Your Average Class Size?

At this time, Kindergarten classes are typically at 13-15 students. Class sizes in 1st through 5th grades are typically 18 to 24 students. Middle School classes can be anywhere from 18 to 25 students. The number of students in each section of the Upper School classes varies according to interest and skill level required, with a maximum of 25 per classroom.

What Is Your Total Enrollment?

Our total enrollment across all four campuses is 945.  The size of our school is an important factor in choosing AACS for your child. When focusing on size, AACS is in the top 3% of Christian schools in the United States. We are the largest non-denominational Christian school in Maryland. Most parents who choose Christian education do not have the option of choosing Christian AND a comprehensive offering. The average size of a Christian school in the United States is 165 students (National Center for Education Statistics). This greatly limits what can be offered. At AACS, we are blessed and privledged to be able to offer a Christian education AND lots of friends to choose from AND a comprehensive list of class offerings, sports, performing arts opportunities, clubs, activities, and more.

Do You Have Bus Service?

Yes we do. Annapolis Area Christian School is pleased to offer bus transportation from area hubs. At this time we are offering routes to and from Bowie and Crofton, limited service to Kent Island, a daily shuttle services between all AACS campuses. We also offer an after school activity shuttle bus available to our middle and upper school students.

Do You Offer Financial Assistance?

Yes we do. See our Tuition Assistance page for more information. It is distributed on a need-basis, as determined by third party assessment.

Is AACS Affiliated With A Church?

No. We are an independent Christian school. Our families represent over 175 different local Christian churches. We do have an AACS Statement of Faith.  We ask that all families understand and agree to support the integration of these beliefs into the educational experience. 

Tell Me About The AACS Community.

To begin with, at least one parent of every student is a follower of Jesus Christ and is an active member of a Bible based church. We are a Christian community. Five days per week, eight hours per day, your child is learning within this community. There is no better place to encourage spiritual growth while learning important academics. In addition to this, we've learned some specifics about our families through interviews and two all family surveys.

 VALUES: When asked about the values that most influence their families, the most common responses from our families were faith, integrity, doing your best, kindness, service to others, and respect.

 HOPES AND DREAMS: Most of our families also share some similar hopes and dreams for their sons and daughters. The most common of these is that their children discover their unique God-given gifts and talents, that they use those to find their purpose and passions, and do their part to make the world a better place. This is a broad but widely shared vision for the students at Annapolis Area Christian School.

 EXPECTATIONS FOR SCHOOL: Every child is unique and parents are looking at diverse aspects of a school to find the right fit. However there are some important expectations our families had for a private school when they chose Annapolis Area Christian School. An all parent survey revealed some of the most common expectations of families who chose AACS. These are:

  • Excellent faculty who care about and engage students and who model a Christ-centered life
  • Biblical values must be woven into all classrooms, sports fields, and activities
  • An excellent academic program
  • A school environment that models and encourages responsibility and doing your best
  • A school where each child's unique gifts and talents will be valued and nurtured
  • A community where lasting and meaningful relationships are formed