AACS partners with Christian families who are seeking to provide their children with an excellent education from a biblical worldview. This unique aspect of our school greatly impacts our school culture. Our admission policies are designed to help parents and the school ensure that an effective partnership or covenant is formed so that a consistent message can be modeled and taught to the child in the home, church, and school.  At least one parent should be an active believer and follower of Jesus Christ and must agree with our Statement of Faith. Review our statement of faith and our Foundation and Beliefs.

We are receiving Priority Admission Applications for New Families Now. We encourage families to apply in the fall so they have time to complete the testing and interviews before the Jan. 15 deadline.

Priority Admission ends January 15, 2024.Admission and Tuition Assistance applications are due by January 15.  Acceptance offers and Tuition Assistance awards will be delivered on February 15.



Admissions Policy

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