Which button do I choose?


  • If you are a new family and you are just starting the application process, please click on "New Families Apply Online."
  • ​If you currently have a child at AACS and you are starting an application for another child, please click on "Current Families Add A Student."  Families who already have a child enrolled do not need to go through the parent/family interview or re-submit the Christian Life Recommendation Form.  
  • ​If you have already started your application and want to log on to work on it, please click on "Continue Your Application."

Do I have to pay the application fee?
Yes.  Your child's information isn't officially in our applicant pool until the application fee is paid.  Once the fee is paid, the application process begins and you will hear from our admissions office. This fee is non-refundable.

What documents will I need to complete the application?
Please see our Admissions Procedures page for a detailed description of everything you'll need to complete your application.​

How long does the application process take?
This varies widely depending upon how long it takes for you to finish the application form and submit all needed documents.  You should allow up to six weeks although we can speed this up if you get everything to us quickly.  Once we have all required information from you, we'll contact you for the parent interview.  Sixth through 12th grade applicants will also have a student interview with the principal.  Application decisions are made very soon after that.