Senior Practicum

All AACS Seniors complete a year-long project called the Senior Practicum. Students begin by identifying a problem, from a Christian worldview perspective. The project includes a research paper, site visits, a service project, and a final presentation to a panel of faculty, parents, and students. The Senior Practicum serves both as the culmination of an AACS education and as a launching point for seniors as they go out into various areas of work and study.

AACS graduates are growing believers. The Senior Practicum invites students to understand the effects of sin in a particular area of culture, and then to consider how they and others can work for restoration.

AACS graduates are active learners. Students independently select their topics of study and manage significant projects in research and service.

AACS graduates are responsible stewards. The Senior Practicum gives students an opportunity to interface with experts and organizations who are working to address the problem they're studying. Students learn about and practice stewardship in community.

AACS graduates are effective communicators. Students share the fruits of their learning through written research and reflection, and the year culminates with a substantial presentation to friends, family, faculty, and members of the community.

AACS graduates are compassionate neighbors. The Senior Practicum helps students to build relationships with people or organizations with whom they might not otherwise interact. Students develop a greater capacity to empathize with and advocate for those who are suffering.