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Learn how AACS is meeting challenges, working toward growth opportunities, and creating new initiatives for our school.

Latest Episode

Episode #4 AACS Head of School Chad Dirkse talks with Educational Support Program Director Carolyn Beall:

  • What does the AACS Educational Support Program encompass?
  • Why do we value and work so hard to provide an educational support program?
  • Describe a typical day for our educational support staff.
  • What does educational support look like in the classroom?
  • How do we support an academically diverse student body?
  • How do we address the challenges that naturally arise when a school values and supports students with different educational needs? 

Episode #3

Episode #3 Culture of Learning at the Lower Schools with AACS Head of School Chad Dirkse, Severn Lower School Principal Karl Graustein and Annapolis Lower School Principal Elizabeth Williams:

  • What are you passionate about and what do you love about your school?
  • How do we work to understand students so we can best meet their educational needs?
  • What role do parents play in our school and in how we work with our students?
  • What role does community building play in the education of a student?
  • What areas are you laser-focused on and where are there opportunities for growth?

Episode #2

Episode #2 Culture of Learning at the Middle School with AACS Head of School Chad Dirkse and Middle School Principal Ben Peddicord:

  • What are the themes that frame each grade in the Middle School?
  • How does AACS Middle School prepare students to lead in a complicated world?
  • How do students see the level of importance AACS places on the building relationships with and among students?
  • How is Middle School preparing students to be bearers of God's image?
  • How are AACS students prepared for challenging high school curriculum?

Episode #1

Episode #1 Culture of Learning at the Upper School with AACS Head of School Chad Dirkse and Upper School Principal Dave Intlekofer:

  • How do students experience our commitment to spiritual formation?
  • How are we ensuring instructional excellence across subjects?
  • What does faculty development look like?
  • How do we build community within our student population?
AACS is committed to an experience for each student that includes three indispensable priorities:
  • Spiritual formation and discipleship that equips students to know the love of Jesus Christ in ways that surpass knowledge so they can be filled up with the fullness of God.
  • Challenging curricular and co-curricular programs that stretch students and allow them to grow through their successes and their failures.
  • Daily school encounters where students are safe, connected, and feel a strong sense of belonging.