Middle School

The middle school curriculum is designed to meet the significant growth and transitions that take place for students during these years. From the sixth grade orientation to the final eight grade chapel service, students are guided, encouraged and challenged toward being young adults. Emphasis is placed on the acquiring of skills necessary to work capably as independent learners. Students learn how to study, budget their time, prepare for a test, plan a project, and work in a group. Our focus is on preparing our students for both the academic challenge of high school and the challenge of life decisions.

 We stress personal responsibility for actions and actively reinforce character development. We expect students to be active partners in their learning, giving their best efforts toward developing a strong academic background that will enable them to use their God-given potential.

 We have a one-to-one technology program in our middle school. All Middle School students are provided with a Chromebook for use in classes and to take home for homework.

Besides the core curriculum of language arts, math, science, history and Bible, students are also required to take art, physical education, music, computer and study skills. Foreign language and other elective classes constitute more choices for 7th and 8th grade students. Contact our Christian middle school today to learn more about what we have to offer. We serve Annapolis, Severn, MD and the surrounding area.

 Middle School Course Listing

Course Descriptions: