Lower Schools

The Lower School curriculum is designed to provide students with a thorough and cohesive program of learning based on a Christian worldview. Teachers assist students in developing necessary skills and knowledge, while fueling the natural curiosity of young children. They work to help students establish a commitment to excellence. Through scheduled curriculum review and evaluation, teachers update and refine teaching material and instructional techniques in an effort to help students reach essential grade-level proficiency. The scope of learning in each subject area is designed to build on the previous year’s instruction and to prepare students for success in the next grade level. Through well-planned assignments increasing in complexity and essential independence, students leaving our lower school are well prepared to meet the middle school years with confidence.

One of the primary goals at the Lower School is teaching kids how to be students...of God's word, God's world, and each other. In order to get the best from their education, and from life, kids need to become "Diligent DISCIPLES”:

  • Do your best – Learn from your mistakes.
  • Integrity – Do what is right, even when no one is looking.
  • Stewardship – Make good use of all God has given you.
  • Courtesy – Good manners show your respect for others.
  • Ignore distractions – Keep little things little.
  • Plan your time, your goals, and make things happen.
  • Learn all you can – Be curious and ask good questions.
  • Encourage one another – You’re part of a team.
  • Share what you have, what you know, and who you are – You are unique.

By the end of their time at the lower school, students should know the principles inside and out; considering them as they make choices in behavior and attitude, and putting them into practice not only at school, but everywhere they go. Contact our Christian elementary school today to learn more about what we have to offer. We proudly serve Annapolis & Severn, MD.

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