The kindergarten year is a year of DISCOVERY! It's the beginning of a 13-year journey through high school graduation. Choosing the right school to begin that journey is a life changing decision.

Begin your child’s educational journey within a Christian community and An environment that will spark your child’s enthusiasm for learning.

At AACS we emphasize those ever-important academic foundations while fostering spiritual, social, and emotional growth.  Our nurturing kindergarten environment is led by highly qualified teachers who love the Lord and who have a passion for what they do.

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AACS kindergarten students develop a love of reading by exploring various types of literature in a phonics-based program. They enjoy hands-on activities in math and science and go on a variety of field trips to explore our region. Computers, chapel, hands-on art, music, and personal expression round-out their day and prepare them to be 1st graders who are prepared to learn!

Kindergarteners are beginning a journey which we have every hope will lead to a lifelong love of learning. We begin to equip them with the skills they will need to experience satisfaction and success on whatever path God has for them. From foundational academics to unstructured play time, from reading time to fun hands-on projects, your child will be well prepared for 1st grade and beyond.  AACS kindergarten students blossom in a close-knit Christian environment that feels like home.