Educational Support Team

Carolyn Beall: Educational Support Program Director and Lower School Coordinator

Carolyn Beall came to AACS in the summer of 2015 after spending almost 15 years in Anne Arundel county public schools.   In her former jobs, she taught first and second grade and special education. She also was the special education department chair for her school.   She currently oversees the Ed support program from Pre-K to 12th grade at AACS and is the Ed Support Coordinator for the Lower School.  She loves working with students and helping them to figure out how they learn.  There can be such a joy that comes from learning new things-whether it’s reading and math or learning about how to be a good friend.   One of her great passions is helping to integrate all students, including those who learn differently, into the larger community.  She’s thrilled to be part of a school where families and teachers and walk alongside each other every day to encourage students to display God’s splendor to those around them.  

After graduating from AACS, she completed a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Towson University.  She is certified in Special Education, and has a counseling certificate from Christian Counseling Education Foundation. 

Jocelyn Mathews: Educational Support Staff, Lower School

Jocelyn Mathews began working at AACS in 2016 as an Ed Support Staff member.   She loves working with students to help them understand how they learn.  She also enjoys helping students persevere through tasks that are difficult.  One of her favorite parts of the day is when students find out that learning can be fun!  

Jocelyn graduated with a BA degree in History from Duke University and a Masters in Education from Loyola University.  

Char Hudlow: Educational Support Staff, Lower School

Char Hudlow came to AACS in 2010 as a volunteer for all campuses.   In 2015, she began working at the Annapolis Lower School.  Currently she works as an Ed Support Staff member.  She also works at the Upper School as a cheerleading coach.   Previously she worked in Anne Arundel County Public Schools in the special education department.   Her experience working with students with diverse disabilities gives her great knowledge about how to work with students in the classroom.  Every day, her students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for learning fills her heart with joy.  

Char attended Old Dominion University and Mary Baldwin College. 

Carrie Soldano: Educational Support Coordinator, Middle School

Carrie Soldano has been with AACS since 2000, starting as a 7th grade Bible and Language Arts teacher, and since 2005, as the Middle School Guidance Counselor. She has also taught 6thand 8thgrade Bible and Study Skills classes. Prior to coming to AACS, she taught English Language Arts in Anne Arundel County Schools and started a tutoring service aimed at lower-income families for which she was the director.Carrieworks with students who are struggling academically or socially and oversees the Educational Support Programs at the Middle School. She partners with teachers, parents, students and administrators to encourage success for all students, to develop leadership skills and character formation in students, and to encourage the formation an inclusive, safe community of learners.Carrieand her husband Chris have two sons who are AACS graduates, and she continues to see the impact their AACS education on their lives as adults.

Carrie holds a BA in English Education from the University of Maryland and a Diploma in Christian Ministry from Trinity School for Ministry.

Lauren Eberle: Educational Support Specialist, Middle School

Lauren Eberle came to AACS in 2005 where she began teaching Grade Ancient History; She loved exploring the ancient cultures such as Egypt and Greece with her students.  Her hope was to build in her students a love for history and an understanding of the actions and influences of these early cultures on the modern world.  As the need for reaching students with learning differences became greater she worked to start a resource program that would give more support to students by reteaching and preteaching content material and practicing study strategies that match the individual learning styles of the students.    Over the next 4 years the resource program continued to grow and now utilizes two educational support specialists.  Her hope is that students can taste success and be given tools with which to become independent and successful learners in high school.

Lauren Eberle graduated from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana with a BS in Elementary Education.  She has taught grades 5 through 8 in Christian Schools in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Chicago, Illinois.  She spent one year in the Philippines homeschooling the children of a missionary family planting a church in Iloilo.  She has also coached both middle school field hockey and high school track. She later returned to school to get her MA in Special Education from Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois.  

Talaya Pike: Educational Support Specialist, Middle School

Talaya Pike joined the AACS Family in August of 2015 after working as a special educator in Prince George’s County Public Schools for over 12 years.  In former jobs, Talaya has been a special education department chairperson, continuing professional development instructor, curriculum writer, and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Co-Chairperson.  She is currently an Education Support Specialist at the Middle School and takes great joy in assisting students with becoming better academically and behaviorally by understanding how to use their strengths to overcome challenges.  A passion of hers is assisting other educators with targeting children’s abilities as opposed to focusing on their disabilities.

Talaya is a Maryland State Certified Special Educator who holds an Advanced Professional Certification in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Middle School, and Generic Special Education (Infant – Adult). She graduated from Hampton University where she earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master in Teaching in Special Education with emphasis on Learning and Behavioral Disorders.  Talaya is currently enrolled at Walden University in the Leadership, Policy and Change in Education to earn her Doctor of Philosophy in Education where she hopes to positively impact education policy.

Kristen Stalnos: Educational Support Staff, Middle School

Kirsten Stalnos came to AACS in the summer of 2016 after spending 8 years teaching in Chicago, California and North Carolina. She has experience teaching preschool, elementary, middle and high school. Currently, she is working as an Ed Support Staff at the middle school. She loves the opportunity to work one on one with students.  She also loves seeing each student interact and develop relationships with their teachers and peers. She feels extremely blessed to be part of such a loving, Christ centered community. 

Kirsten attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL where she completed a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education as well as receiving an ACSI certification. 

Lisa Blattenburger: Educational Support Coordinator, Upper School

Lisa joined the Educational Support staff at AACS in 2007 to teach the Directed Studies class and work with students who have learning differences. She is currently serving AACS as Upper School Educational Support Coordinator, Directed Studies teacher, and Senior Mentor. Her work at the Upper School gives her the opportunity to work closely with the Upper School staff, students, and parents. One of the best parts of her job is seeing students walk across the graduation stage every May and knowing that she had a part in that accomplishment. Serving as the Grammar School Principal in Harrisburg, PA provided an opportunity to develop the administrative skills she uses to oversee the high school support program. Her training with the National Institute for Learning Development as an Educational Therapist prepared her to work with students who have learning challenges.

Lisa earned a BS in Education from the University of Oklahoma. In three states and over twenty years, she has taught students in grades k-5 public and private schools. She is a certified Educational Therapist.Lisa continues to take classes and attend professional seminars to broaden her skills.

Cheryl Moffat: School Psychologist, Educational Support Specialist, Upper School

Cheryl Moffatt began working at AACS in 1998, seven years after her son started kindergarten at the Annapolis Campus. Currently, her primary role is serving as a School Psychologist, but also serves as an Educational Support Specialist at the Upper School. She counts it a privilege from the Lord to serve students and their parents, helping them learn and access tools that promote emotional wellness and academic growth.  Prior to working at AACS, she was an adjunct professor at Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts and later taught high school math in Jamaica, West Indies, which is where she first heard about AACS. She interned as a School Psychologist in Baltimore City, Washington, D.C. and Anne Arundel County public schools counseling students and completing psycho-educational assessments. She did similar work at the Christian Counseling Center of Annapolis.

She is a Maryland State Department of Education certified school psychologist and special educator as well as a licensed clinical counselor. She received her master’s degree in clinical psychology from Loyola University in Baltimore and a master’s degree in special education from the University of Maryland in College Park. In addition to these degrees, Cheryl holds a master’s in physics and astronomy from Boston University. 

Cindy Grunert: Educational Support Staff, Upper School

Cindy Grunert has been teaching in Christian schools for more than 26 years. Currently, she is an Ed Support Staff member at the Upper School and a teacher of Directed Studies.   She also works one on one with students from Kindergarten to seniors in high school as a tutor in a broad range of subjects.  She has a special love of reading, math, history and Bible. Additional teaching experience includes teaching in a traditional third/third-fourth grade classroom, teaching adults to read, and teaching children to play the piano. This mother of three college graduates feels that working and relating to students is a God given gift.

Cindy has a degree in Education from the University of Portland.  She has taken additional classes in 'Teaching Reading' at Western Oregon University with an emphasis on 'Teaching Reading to Children with Reading Difficulties' at Southern Oregon University.

Josh Danza: Educational Support Staff, Upper School

Josh Danza came to AACS in 2015 as a coach with the high school boys' soccer program. In 2016 he was brought onto the Educational Support Staff and also became the varsity softball coach. Currently he is working as Ed Support Staff.  He works one-on-one and in small groups with students and has also been a tutor for over eight years. He is passionate about motivating his students and players to pursue excellence.

Danza graduated from Stevenson University in 2011 and went on to pursue his Master's at Towson University in Software Development before leaving to pursue a career in professional soccer. He currently owns Baltimore Pro Soccer, LLC, the company that operates the Baltimore Kings.