Educational Support & Enrichment

AACS is committed to provide academic support for students with learning differences. One of our core principles - educating the whole child – means that we honor God-given gifts, talents, and challenges while providing an excellent education and a firm foundation in which students can flourish. A goal of the AACS Educational Support Program is the partnership, collaboration, and communication between Educational Support Team members, classroom teachers, and parents/guardians.

Although each student or applicant's support needs are considered on a case-by-case basis, the following is a list of learning differences for which support can often be provided:

  • reading, math, and/or writing skills weaknesses
  • processing challenges
  • attention deficit hyperactive disorder [ADHD]
  • a specific learning disability that impacts reading, math, and/or written expression
  • autism spectrum disorder

Support is available via educational interventions through classroom teachers and in small group sessions with Educational Support Team members. Currently, one-on-one support is typically not available. If additional adult support is required, conversations can happen with the Educational Support Director and each principal on an individual basis to determine if the student's needs can be met. While AACS strives to work with a broad array of students, we are also careful to admit only those students with needs we can excellently serve.

The Educational Support Program is dedicated to serving students with academic and learning challenges, which sometimes include social challenges that impact learning, but does not specifically address those with diagnosed behavioral or emotional challenges. If behavioral or emotional challenges arise with students, each principal, in conjunction with the Educational Support Director, in-house or private counselors, parents, and the School Psychologist, will address the challenges on an individual basis.