Our History

The Seed

One evening in 1970 a group of parents met, determined to find a solution to their common concern: the lack of educational options that fit with their Christian worldview. They desired to provide their children with an academically-excellent, biblically-based education which would complement the teaching they were already receiving at home and church, preparing them for college and to be future Christian leaders.

With a sense of excitement and anticipation, this group of parents established the constitution and by-laws of a new Christian school. The newly-formed parent association created a Board of Directors to govern the School and appoint its Head. The doors of Annapolis Area Christian School opened in 1971 with three teachers and 32 students (grades K-3). The school flourished and grew, reaching a milestone in 1985 when 12 students had the distinction of becoming Annapolis Area Christian School's first high school graduates.

The Tree

Five decades after those initial meetings, God's direction, and blessing have been evident—AACS has grown into a robust community of learning that is setting a standard for Christian education. A faculty and staff of 130 run a comprehensive program focused on the whole child— academic, spiritual, social, and emotional.  Our third campus was made possible by a gift of land which made new and wonderful things possible for our school in the 21st century. This parcel of more than 60 acres adjacent to the Severn Run Environmental Area in west Anne Arundel County allowed us to build a new Upper School. Three buildings are complete: the Kerr Center, housing administration and fine arts, including a 600-seat auditorium; Sulin Hall, housing the primary academic facilities; and the Kilby Athletic Center, housing the school's central administration, a cafeteria and athletic facilities.

The Fruit

Today AACS has over 1800 graduates. Approximately 98% of graduating seniors go on to higher education. They have been accepted at many of the nation's leading colleges and universities—Calvin, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Geneva, Gordon, Johns Hopkins, Messiah, MIT, Swarthmore, University of Maryland, University of Virginia, United States Naval Academy, Wheaton, William and Mary, and more. Many are leaders in every walk of life—men and women who use their Christian education to make a positive contribution in their communities and professions.

Good Seeds, Good Fruit, New Seeds, New Trees

Our students worship, serve, and express their talents to God's glory revealing that AACS is realizing the aspirations of its founders. They prayed for a school that would build on the training the children receive at home to instill a vital love for God, a commitment to excellence and a dedication to service. AACS continues to be about the business of holding students to God's highest goals for their good.