Upper School

We are scholars, artists, athletes, and followers of Christ.

The AACS Upper School program has a strong focus on both academics and character development. Our students find support and fellowship as they pursue their personal journey to identify and develop their God-given talents. Through our competitive athletic program, outstanding performing and visual arts, many activities and clubs, and service and travel opportunities, students can explore their interests while building and honing their skills and knowledge.

The Eagle Experience

Students tossing graduation caps button
graduate and principal fist-bump

What Makes AACS Unique

"We are a small, close-knit community where every individual has value and a place to be." 
~ Devin Ahmed, Class of 2023
"Our teachers care about us as people. They are here because they care."~Rebekka Hubrich, Class of 2023

Graduate Spotlight

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What were your interests at AACS?
I played basketball throughout high school. I was a student ambassador and served as a Prefect my senior year.
What extra-curricular activities were you involved in?
My junior year was accepted into the National Honor Society.
What was your Senior Practicum topic?
I did my practicum on 'How God calls Christians to respond to drill rap in the wake of gang violence.' I met with the CEO of Jacob's Ladder, an organization in Fort Washington that works with at-risk youth. He helped me understand it is the violence that influences the music, and not the often misperceived notion that music influences violence.
What are your plans after high school?
I will be studying journalism at Clark Summit University where I have signed with the Defender's Men's Basketball team.
How will your experience at AACS help you in the future?
Being part of a team was a big part of my experience at AACS. That taught me many life lessons like juggling priorities and communicating.  My teachers were passionate about being available and mentoring their students. They really helped me succeed when I was challenged.
What advice would you give a freshmen at AACS?
Be yourself, be who Christ called you to be. Don't change for anyone.

Educational Excellence Shaped by Christian Curriculum


Christ is our foundation, our starting point, and for whom we do everything. Knowing students come to high school at different points in their walk with God, our staff and faculty are ready to meet them where they are, prepared to offer their time, and available to serve as mentors to our whole student body.  Our students are provided the opportunity to grow in their faith through classroom discussions, in the fellowship of chapel, or as part of a team, group, or club with the guidance of Christian coaches and staff.  

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Academic Rigor

The AACS educational goals describe characteristics that we believe will enable, equip, and inspire our graduates to do their best, seek truth, serve others, and do their part in stewarding all of creation. AACS faculty work together towards these educational goals for our students.  We want our graduates to leave AACS as engaged and active learners, growing believers, responsible stewards, compassionate neighbors, and effective communicators.  These are the markings of the excellent college preparatory Christian education that students experience.

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Student Support

We seek to discover and honor God-given gifts, talents, and challenges while providing an excellent education and a firm foundation in which students can flourish in the community as they co-labor with their peers.  A goal of the AACS Educational Support Program is the partnership, collaboration, and communication between teachers, students, and parents/guardians in order to facilitate the inclusion of all learners within our school community.  

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Campus Life

Students have an array of options. They can explore their interests and choose to immerse themselves in a dynamic fine arts program, or the co-curricular STEM options, from the Legal Eagles Mock Trial Club to clubs that support diversity,  and 12 girls' and 11 boys' sports teams. There is rarely a quiet moment on campus with popular annual school events throughout the year including Homecoming, Powder-Puff Football, Walk-the-Walk giving day, Prom, and so much more.

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Ready to Learn More?

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