Middle School

Called to transform, discern, and lead

One of the greatest joys of teaching is helping students discover their unique God-given gifts and talents. This is something we take seriously at AACS and something we do very well. Our teachers believe that relationships with students are fundamental to their work. They exemplify biblical wisdom and are continually strengthening their craft.

Students have access to a host of academic and extracurricular activities, sports, arts, and clubs. The size of the Middle School is perfect - big enough to offer many choices and opportunities and small enough for teachers to get to know their students. All of our Middle Schoolers are given the opportunity to make a sports team, get a part in the musical, participate in academic competitions, and so much more.

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We invite you to learn more about the Middle School admissions process, and we encourage you to complete the inquiry form to stay up-to-date on Admissions and community events. 

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Fine Arts

Chorus line at Beauty and the Beast

Our Middle School musical, theatre, and visual arts programs are designed to nurture student artists. Students participate in instrumental and choral groups and perform at Christmas and spring concerts. Our theatre program allows students to experience the thrill of stage performances and share their artistic gifts with the community.


AACS team competes in the annual ACSI STEM Competition

The AACS co-curricular STEM program is designed to expose our students to more advanced principles and concepts through engaging activities throughout middle school. Programs featuring guest speakers from regional STEM-related corporations and special events supplement the class curriculum. Students have the option to join several STEM-related clubs. They can also choose to compete in the annual ACSI STEM competition. Students begin preparing for the competition in September and compete in early winter against other area schools.

To help our students develop their leadership skills, the 7th grade organizes and leads the 6th grade in a day of STEM-related games and experimentation.

"The most fun part of school is the classes, particularly science class. I really like science class! And the people and community.  I came in half-way through the year, and everyone was very supportive." AACS 7th grader

Spiritual Life

Middle School students attend Chapel each week.  Classes plan and produce their own chapels. They can create skits, songs, or presentations to help teach the Chapel lesson.  Students can also take Chapel Band and play each week for their peers.  

A variety of engaging speakers come in to talk to our students, and our own faculty share stories and experiences as well. 

At the Middle School, we have small groups that are gender specific, with each grade level represented. They are known as CGI groups (Community, Growth, Impact).  These groups meet to discuss lessons learned in Chapel, to do occasional service projects, and to have a monthly lunch together.  Additionally, we have a father/son Bible study and a girls' Bible study that meets weekly.  Book clubs, prayer groups, and Bible studies are also occasionally coordinated by our parents.

Campus Life

Principal Peddicord and a student compete at fallfest

Middle School is a time of discovery and growth. With programs before and after school and special events scheduled throughout the year, students can try new activities and explore interests. Middle School students enjoy various hands-on learning opportunities with field trips to the Maryland Science Center, Medieval Times, Chesapeake Bay Foundation Wetlands, Hershey Park Band and Chorale Festival, and Mt. Vernon.

Siege weapons building is a culmination of a social studies project on Medieval history. Seventh-grade students build either a catapult, trebuchet, or a castle. Student teams design their structure machines based on their historical and scientific research. Each machine is tested for effectiveness, and students evaluate their efforts. Parents are invited to help with construction. For more Middle School activities, visit Campus Life.


Middle School boys soccer game

Building community and leadership through team sports is critical in Middle School. Our student-athletes learn the ideals of sportsmanship, lessons of character, emotional endurance and resilience, and the pursuit of excellence.

Most of our students participate in at least one school sport. We offer teams for cheer, cross country, girls' and boys' basketball, girls' and boys' lacrosse, girls' and boys' soccer, and girls' volleyball. An outstanding coaching staff fuels the success of our teams, caring deeply for our players' growth physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Visit our AACS Athletics page to learn more.

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We invite you to learn more about the Middle School admissions process, and we encourage you to complete the inquiry form to stay up-to-date on Admissions and community events. 

Ready to apply? AACS takes applications from September through January 15.