Annapolis Lower School

Love and obey God. Be a peacemaker and a caretaker.
Elementary school is a time of exploration, wonder, and growth. At AACS we surround our students in a dynamic Christ-entered community. Our children are encouraged to grow academically, socially, and emotionally, learning to build relationships with their teachers and fellow students. In lessons, chapel, activities, and recess, we front-load our students with strong Christian values and a love of the Lord that will prepare them as they grow into middle and high schoolers.
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A Message from Our Principal

Annapolis Lower School Principal, Elizabeth Williams

My name is Elizabeth Williams, and I am the Lower School principal at AACS. My husband and I have three sons, two of whom are recent graduates from Annapolis Area Christian School, and one a current student. 

As principal of the Annapolis Lower School I know that academics are important, but education is about so much more. Young children need to feel safe, loved, and nurtured. They need joy in their classrooms.  They need teachers who take the time to get to know them, including their God-given strengths, talents, and interests.  AACS offers all of this along with a rich Christ-centered curriculum.  We focus on reading and math skills, sciences, social studies, the arts, and more.  Students explore, create, and problem-solve as they learn about the world around them.

I realize the families that come here are just beginning the educational journey with their children. Our faculty and staff work together to provide a warm and nurturing environment for children that encourages meaningful connections between faith and learning. We are not just preparing children for college or even for the next grade, but for a life characterized by a wholeness that comes from seeking God in all things.

Please visit our Kindergarten page to learn about how a Christian environment sparks enthusiasm in learning.

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Lower School Experience

Located off Bestgate Road in Annapolis, 5 minutes from Route 50, the Annapolis Lower School campus provides a clean and safe academic environment for your child. On a spacious campus, with large classrooms, a playground area, and a modern worship space, students can explore and grow.


A Christ-Centered Community

Your Child Will Feel Safe and Secure
Your Child Will Feel Loved and Build Relationships
Your Child Will Explore, Learn, and Discover

Educational Philosophy

Our school offers a robust curriculum and many opportunities for academic advancement, but getting a Christian education offers added value for multiple reasons. Our students benefit in a number of ways:

  • Biblical Worldview: Since we incorporate our faith into the academic curriculum, our students will develop a Christian worldview through the course of the year. They will have the opportunity to grow in their faith through discussion with their peers and faculty. 
  • Character Development: We instill Christian values every day through our academics, athletics, and extracurricular options. Students will learn faith, discipline, and other excellent attributes. 
  • Role Models: Our qualified and experienced staff is made up of exemplary role models from whom your child can take all kinds of life lessons. We believe in surrounding every child with guiding figures to help them grow into their potential.
  • Smaller Class Sizes: Since Christian lower schools tend to be more exclusive, we can offer smaller class sizes and more individualized attention for each student, helping your child succeed academically and socially.
  • Bible Class: Bible classes aim to develop basic biblical literacy in children. Children learn they are made in the image of God, are loved by Him, and are made for a purpose.  They begin to understand the meaning of “worldview.” 
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