AACS Association

2019 Annual Meeting Supplements

AACS Association Membership Form

The primary purpose for the AACS Association, per the Constitution & Bylaws, “The Association is formed for the purpose of promoting and maintaining a Christian school in the Annapolis area for the Christian instruction of children in accordance with the principles of this article toward the end that these children may occupy their places worthily in society, church, and state seeking and following God’s will for their lives, such school being known as the Annapolis Area Christian School (the “School”).  The Association will also engage in such other religious and/or educational activities as may promote and support this primary purpose.”

In addition, the Association is responsible for the following:

  • Elect members of the AACS Association Board of Directors
  • Approve changes to the AACS Constitution & Bylaws
  • Approve the lease, purchase, investment, mortgage, or sale of real or personal property for the Association, that exceed an amount of three (3) percent of the total approved annual budget


The AACS Association Board of Directors support the mission of the school to engage students in an education of excellence enabling them to impact the world through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Board members carryout the following on behalf of the greater school community:

  • Determine school policies in harmony with the constitution and association decisions.
  • Select a superintendent.
  • Devise ways and means for school funding.
  • Champion and actively support the cause of Christian education in the community.
  • Adopt policies for itself and the association covering all matters necessary to conduct its business and the expedient carrying out of the Articles of the Constitution & Bylaws, provided that nothing in the policies shall be so stated or interpreted as to contravene the Constitution & Bylaws.  The board addresses any matters the board may determine necessary or advisable for the efficient and effective achievement of the aims of the Association as set forth in the Constitution.


The AACS Association meets annually at the end of the school year.  Notice of this meeting date and time is sent out at least ten days prior to the meeting.  There are no fees associated with membership although membership must be renewed every year.  If you are not a current member of the AACS Association you can complete a membership form prior to the meeting.