Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at Annapolis Area Christian School.  AACS has been providing an excellent, distinctly Christian education from K through 12th grade for over 45 years.  We look for the following attributes in our faculty and staff:

  • A vibrant Christian testimony and faith
  • A love of young people
  • A personal commitment to Christian education
  • Enthusiasm and Alignment with AACS Core Values:
    • Visible Faith
    • Steadfast Joy
    • Healthy Discontent
    • Courageous Humility

Additionally, we look for the following attributes in our educators:

  • An Evangelical Christian with a calling to teach
  • A commitment to teaching from a Christian worldview


Why Work for AACS?

We asked our employees this question and here are some of their common responses:

  • It is such a delight to work in an environment with like-minded people, where Christ is central to all that we do. There is a different atmosphere, because God is welcome here. Everything is considered through the lens of Scripture. We all have the same motivation and desire to further His Kingdom in what He has called us to do.
  • We have a shared sense of purpose beyond just a job. What we do is really a ministry to the students and families whose lives we touch. We are sending biblically educated young minds out into a world that truly needs AACS graduates.
  • I love working at AACS because it is a place where I know and trust that my administration walks with Jesus and desires that all those under them - faculty, staff, students - do so as well. We're not "Christian" in name only; so while we can differ at times in how we believe a Christian world view of education should "look," we don't differ in our core belief that we need to see all of life - academics, technology, fine arts, athletics, etc. - through the lens of God's Word.
  • There's not a day that goes by that I don't enjoy coming to work. I believe my work matters. I'm thankful beyond words for the opportunity to impact the lives of young people, and I work with some of my best friends, along with a host of others who I am fortunate enough to call friends both inside of the school and out.
  • I love working at AACS because I feel considerable freedom to use my own creativity to help shape and better my work. I feel my administration, much more often than not, has sought to say "yes" to new ideas as opposed to finding reasons why they don't work.

A Sample of AACS Benefits

Annapolis Area Christian Employees also enjoy many benefits including:

  • Two week holiday at Christmas
  • Spring Break, Other Holidays, and Annual Leave
  • Health Benefits
  • Tuition Discount for Children
  • And much more!

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AACS is an Equal Opportunity employer. We do not, and will not, discriminate against any qualified applicant on the basis of race, sex, age, national origin, disability or any other status protected by federal, state or local laws unless a particular status protected by federal, state, or local laws contradicts the deeply held religious convictions of Annapolis Area Christian School.