Discovering Gifts and Talents

Every child is a precious gift from God of immeasurable worth and significance.  One of the greatest joys of being a teacher is helping a child discover their unique God-given gifts and talents.  

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  Psalm 139:14

At AACS we offer lots of opportunities for students to recognize and grow their unique gifts and talents.  Students are encouraged to get involved, make friends, and discover their gifts and talents through a wide range of academics, extracurricular activities, sports, arts, clubs and activities, student life activities, retreats, and much more.  The size of our school is perfect for this since we’re big enough to offer lots of choices and opportunities but small enough that students are given the chance to make a team, get a part in the play, participate in an academic competition, and more. Having lots of opportunities to discover gifts and talents is something our parents and students appreciate and value.

Campus Life Overview

Student Life Overview


Cal, Upper School Student

What I like about AACS is all the events that happen outside of the classroom.  It is awesome that our school goes on missions trips, travels to Europe, does service projects, hosts many fun student life events, and does so much more.

Tammy, Mother of Upper School Students

My sons have made friends, participated in sports and become more well rounded. I Appreciate all the hard work the teachers and coaches do.

Brian, Father of Middle School Student

There is a tangible sense that the community is supportive and diverse making use of various gifts and natural abilities. Our student has made friends, feels connected, and is maturing rapidly.  Thank you AACS!

Julie, Mother of Lower School Student

We have been very satisfied with the experience at the lower school.  The teachers are wonderful and the level of caring and compassion for kids is great. We are glad for the opportunities, such as band and music lessons, which we know are rare at the elementary school level.  

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