Definition of Educational Excellence

Although test scores are important, they alone are not the markers of an excellent educational program.  We want to help our students gain knowledge, to master and enjoy the full array of subjects and possibilities, but we also want students to acquire and live by the wisdom of God.  We believe that knowledge without character is dangerous, and character without faith is empty.  

The AACS educational goals describe characteristics that we believe will enable, equip, and inspire our graduates to do their best, to seek truth, to serve others, and to do their part in stewarding all of creation.  From kindergarten through 12th grade, AACS faculty work together towards these educational goals for our students.  We want our graduates to leave AACS as engaged and active learners, growing believers, responsible stewards, compassionate neighbors, and effective communicators.  These are the markings of the excellent college preparatory Christian education that students experience at Annapolis Area Christian School.

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