Competing with Character

We believe that competition not only builds character, but it also reveals character. Our goal is to equip our student-athletes with a strong sense of faith and a close connection with Jesus Christ so that our boys and girls will become men and women of empathy and integrity, who will lead, be responsible and help change the world for good.  Our student athletes learn the ideals of sportsmanship, lessons of character, emotional endurance and resilience, and the pursuit of excellence. We offer over 40 athletic teams and 70% of our Middle and Upper School students participate in sports. An outstanding coaching staff, one that cares deeply about our players’ growth physically, intellectually, and spiritually, fuels the success of our program. We strive to compete and win with character!

The athletic field is one of the best places to test character and offers lots of opportunity for feedback!  As John Wooden, former head basketball coach for UCLA who won ten NCAA national championships in 12 years once said, "Winning takes talent; to repeat takes character."

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Victor, AACS Graduate

I played lacrosse and football while attending a AACS. Our coaches had become our spiritual leaders, mentors, and friends. They taught us that you can't go it alone; character is important, and regardless of the outcome is, we're all in it together.

Chayce, AACS Graduate

I had the privilege of being a part of the 2011 AACS football state championship team, and a member of the USA international football team. My experience at AACS led to the opportunity to play in the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots stadiums, and has shown me what football camaraderie can achieve.