Why is AACS Using FamilyID? 
With more than 900 students enrolled at AACS, online and secure management of information saves families, faculty, and staff valuable time, especially in the event of an emergency. The Family ID program was successfully pilot-tested last spring using our junior varsity and varsity sports families. After a thorough vetting process by AACS leadership, Family ID was expanded to include fall sports and marching band at the Middle School and Upper School, as well as the K-12 Emergency Form for online completion. Learn more about Family ID and then create your account.

Why is FamilyID important?
All Families K-12 must create a Family ID account and complete the AACS Emergency Form online using the AACS Family ID Portal by Friday, August 16. This is in ADDITION to sports and marching band FamilyID registration. If you already have a Family ID account, any relevant data from sports or marching band registration will populate to the AACS Emergency Form once you log in and click on the appropriate link on the FamilyID website to complete the form.

New To FamilyID?
Create an account on Family ID and complete the AACS Emergency Registration Form.  It takes less than 20 minutes, so click the FamilyID button to get started. 

Already Registered on FamilyID?
If you already registered with a sports team or the marching band, you can log in to the Family ID website to view the AACS Emergency Form link. The form takes less than ten minutes to complete the form on theFamily ID website. 

Please complete an Emergency Form on the school's Family IDPortal for every student in your household enrolled at AACS by Friday, August 16.

The Family ID AACS Portal is open.  Click on the appropriate Emergency Form link on the Family ID website. You can also view the links to register middle and upper school students for athletic teams or marching band. Once you click on a "program" link in Family ID, you will be asked to create an account or log in to get started. Instructions and details are posted on each Family ID website page to help you navigate to the next step. Should you have any additional questions, please reply to this email. We will respond within one business day.