AACS Class of 2017 Timothy Award Goes to Kelsie Flowers

Posted On: 6/6/2017 2:06 PM

The mission of AACS states, “We engage students in an education of excellence enabling them to impact the world through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.”  The AACS Timothy Award has been established to recognize a graduating senior whose life demonstrates a heart of devotion in their relationship with Jesus Christ, evidenced by a sincere commitment to growth in godly character and service to others.  Our school remains focused, in partnership with parents, in training students in spiritual wisdom and godly character, for it is only with hearts dedicated to the Lord that they will be able to serve Him.  We serve God when we obey Him.  In our obedience, God uses our lives to accomplish His eternal purposes.  

 As our students grow in their devotion to the Lord, they develop godly character and become truly prepared to serve God and others. Christian character is a reflection of the believer’s devotion to God as he or she is strengthened by the Holy Spirit to obey God.  

Of course, we know that growth in Christian character is a lifelong pursuit of the believer, and progress is made only by God’s grace. God exhorts and encourages the believer to strive for holiness throughout the first and second books of Timothy in the Bible.  In light of these exhortations, the Class of 2017 and the faculty were asked to nominate a student they thought demonstrated Christian character in terms of patience, gentleness, modesty, self-control, sensitivity, sincerity, a servant’s heart, submission, encouragement, kindness, and love.  The AACS Timothy Award recognizes a graduating senior who exhibits these qualities.

While there are many students in this class who were nominated and who we might recognize for the qualities described, this year’s AACS Timothy Award recipient was Kelsie Flowers.

Written by Robert J. McCollum, AACS Upper School Principal


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