6th Grade Is Buzzing with Activity This Spring!

Posted On: 10/25/2016 4:53 PM

6th Grade Is Buzzing with Activity This Spring!
Posted 05/12/2016 02:55PM

Greek Olympics!

As a culmination of our study of Greece this year, students participated in a mock Greek Olympic Ceremony.

They researched the Ancient Olympic Games and presented an introduction for each of the events. Each Olympian participated and cheered on their fellow city-statesman to victory. Students actively competed in a variety of events such as the chariot races, pentathlon events, and the coveted race in armor.

Students dressed in traditional Greek togas and ended the festivities by presenting the victors with olive leaf crowns.

It was a wonderful way to wrap up their studies of Ancient Greece. When asked what made this project fun, student Ashby Irvin shared "It was fun to watch our classmates compete against one another." Nathaniel Wrobel added "The race in armor was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be but it was a lot of fun anyway."

6th Grade Greenhouse!

Students collected over 1,500 recycled 2-litre bottles in an effort to build our very own AACS greenhouse! "I enjoyed collecting the bottles" said Will Harding. This STEM activity included student built prototype-working models to test their designs for efficient energy transfer. Once the greenhouse was engineered and constructed, the students started plants from seeds and tended to their robust seedling plants. Student Mollie Fenn tells us "It was fun to get dirty while transferring the plants." Joseph Sim explains, "It was fun to do an actual project where we went beyond building the model and actually created the structure that could be used." Plants were distributed to teachers and school families.

6th Grade Retreat

Students, teachers, and families gathered together at Skycroft Retreat and Conference center in April for the 13th annual 6th grade retreat. Students were challenged to work together as a team as they tackled a three-hour confidence course. "The confidence course was challenging but so much fun" said student Sophia Blunk. Pastor Christian Hipsky from Chesapeake Christian Fellowship delivered two messages on the 6th grade theme of Transformation. Students and parents were led to seek unity as believers in an effort to offer their lives as a living sacrifice.

One of our 6th grade parents, Mr. Dave Smith, led our time of worship and praise. "The worship music was really good." said Sarah Oley. Students were able to break out into small group discussions and reflect on their 6th grade year of being "Called to Transform." Many students agreed with Sam Woody when he said "The ice cream was amazing" and Matthew McNair thought "The hike was a lot of fun."


6th grade students designed and engineered their original bridges as a STEM project in math this quarter. Groups of three to four formed companies with an architect, accountant, project director, and general contractor. Each student had a specific job, and also had to work as a team to accomplish their goal. Emma Bell explained, "I liked working with my group to glue the model together." Grady Cole added, "I enjoyed learning about the history of the bridges." The bridges will be tested for strength and judged for beauty of design, use of engineering technology, and cost efficiency. An added component of this project this year was a commercial where students created a slideshow, skit, or iMovie commercial to advertise and promote their product.

Psalm Celebration

Upon completion of our study of Psalms and literary genres of the Bible, students wrote their own personal psalms of thanksgiving and forgiveness. Students analyzed David's Psalms before writing their own and modeled their psalms after his. Parents and guests were invited to attend this celebration of praise to our God as students presented one of their original psalms. Michael Sandacz said "I liked seeing how poetry and the Bible came together." Robbi McNitt shared "It was a great way to open my heart up to God. It wasn't just a prayer, but I could write out what I was thinking. I also thought it was good for the people who are kind of shy to open up about how they feel."

Written By: Jennifer Redmon, 6th Grade Language Arts & Bible Teacher


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