New Partnership Provides Exciting STEM Opportunities at AACS

Posted On: 10/25/2016 4:53 PM

New Partnership Provides Exciting STEM Opportunities at AACS
Posted 08/19/2016 10:57AM

Story by Jennifer Good

AACS has partnered with the Simulation to Advance Innovation and Learning (SAIL) Center at Anne Arundel Medical Center. The SAIL Center is a world-class medical facility for simulation and training in new and innovative surgical techniques. It was founded and led by Dr. Adrian Park. Dr. Park and his wife Jennifer are the parents of three AACS alumni and one current Upper School student.

The SAIL Center features sophisticated life-like technology including high-fidelity mannequins that simulate real life medical situations. These models are so life-like that they react like humans when responding to virtual tests and treatments. They have simulated hearts, pulse, blood pressure, pupils that dilate, the ability to bleed and react to medications and show other human responses. Surgeons, residents, students, nurses, emergency medical technicians, military personnel, and allied health professionals can attend training at this new SAIL Center.

" target="_blank">Here's a short video with more information.

Ruth Hartcorn, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at AACS, has helped to facilitate this new partnership. "This partnership can offer AACS students opportunities for field trips, curriculum enhancement, hands-on learning, observation of simulated surgery, lecture series, and possibly summer internships and service opportunities" said Mrs. Hartcorn.

While the focus of the SAIL Center is medical care, the facility also employs high-tech digital video equipment, data analysis, and logistical planning. The potential applications for students extend far beyond the bio-medical arena. Curriculum enhancements are expected for Upper School Anatomy, AP Biology, Economics, Engineering, Statistics, 7th grade science, and more.

Ivan George, the Director of the facility, has invited our faculty to see and hear more about it first-hand. A tour will be scheduled soon after school begins.


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