Outstanding Student Achievers

Posted On: 10/25/2016 4:50 PM

Posted 03/05/2015 11:30AM

The The Capital Gazette held their annual Outstanding Student Achievers breakfast on Wednesday morning, March 4th. Three AACS students were among the 63 honorees. Principal McCollum along with Amanda Fusting, Kaitlyn McCollum, Daryus Vaughan, and their parents were in attendance. This event was organized by the newspaper to celebrate student achievement for students in their junior year of high school. Honorees were chosen for scholastic achievement, exceptional success in visual or performing arts, and/or outstanding citizenship within the school and its surrounding community.

Principal McCollum gave us a close look into why each of these students were selected to be honored at the Capital Gazette Outstanding Student Achievers.


Amanda Fusting can certainly be counted among one of our outstanding junior students. Academically, she is among one of our best students, consistently making the Principal's Honor Roll while taking honors and AP classes, and is a member of the National Honor Society. Amanda has represented her class each year as a member of Student Council and represented our school at the HOBY leadership conference last summer. She is a valued member of our top two auditioned choirs and was selected for the all-state women's choir. Amanda was also a member of the dance ensemble in both of our last two spring musical productions. Her talents go beyond the performing arts to athletics where Amanda has been a part of our field hockey and lacrosse teams. In addition to all of that, Amanda is a regular volunteer at her church serving as a Sunday school teacher for preschoolers. She is a young lady of many talents and passions!


Kaitlyn McCollum is a truly outstanding academic achiever who also contributes to the school community in a number of ways. Kaitlyn joined our school at the start of 10th grade after spending 5th-9th grade at a school in Bogotá, Colombia, where she became fluent in Spanish and developed a heart for serving others. In her short time at AACS, she has certainly made an impact. She is an honors and AP student who has made the Principal's Honor Roll every quarter and was selected for the National Honor Society. While maintaining excellence academically, Kaitlyn has been involved with the volleyball team, Jazz Band, one of our auditioned choirs, Worship Band, and had a part in last year's spring musical, "Singin' in the Rain." This year she has joined our nationally ranked Robotics Team and is serving on the Upper School's Honor Council. She also helps to lead our school's chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Kaitlyn traveled to the Dominican Republic as part of a short-term service trip in February 2014 and is a member of another student team that will travel to Colombia, South America, to serve in June 2015. Kaitlyn is a well-rounded student of impeccable character who loves learning and she is certainly worthy of recognition!


Daryus Vaughan is an outstanding member of our school community who is highly regarded by his peers as well as the faculty and staff of the Upper School. He is a natural encourager who is fondly referred to as "Pastor Daryus" by his classmates. As an example, early in the school year he was observed demonstrating the kindheartedness that we have come to expect from Daryus. He saw a student in the lunchroom sitting by himself and asked the principal about the student. The principal explained that the student had just come to the school in the last few days and that he was not much of a talker. Undeterred, Daryus picked up his lunch and sat down with the student to engage him in conversation. Shortly thereafter another student joined them for a little bit. Daryus even got this new, very withdrawn student to smile! Daryus challenges himself academically in honors and AP classes while also being involved with Student Council and has been a member of the basketball team. He also helps to lead our school's chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Daryus is a member of a student team that will travel to Colombia, South America, to serve on a short-term mission trip in June 2015. He is a valued member of our community and a student worthy of recognition!


Congratulations Amanda, Kaitlyn, and Daryus!


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