Spotlight on International Student Kyle Wang

Posted On: 10/25/2016 4:47 PM

Spotlight on International Student Kyle Wang
Posted 09/30/2016 10:20AM
Story by Bethany Thornton, AACS International Student Coordinator
This is the first in a series we'll post to highlight many of our courageous international students.

"I used to be more introverted and acting has helped me open up to others" shares Kyle Wang, a 12th grade international student from China. Kyle has starred and acted in various AACS productions, as well as ones in China. Over summer break, Kyle returned to his home town of Shenzhen, China where he produced, directed, and stared in a production of The Importance of Being Ernest. The show was held at Kyle's old Chinese school, with fellow Chinese classmates. Kyle worked with the native students on their English, as well as teaching the basics of drama and theater. In China, theater productions are typically different than American ones, so Kyle worked to bridge the differences he saw. "Most Chinese are used to singing when they perform, so I worked with them on their acting" says Kyle.
Considering Kyle's excellence in academics, he hopes to major in political science or international relations in college, but desires to continue auditioning for community theater. In addition, the play raised roughly $3,000 for a charity that works with children who have hearing disabilities, "it was important for the money to go to a good cause." Kyle reflected that he likes acting, "because it builds relationships between cast members and with the audience."
Mr. Cherone, the Director of Fine Arts at AACS said that Kyle's "comedic sensibilities and timing are top-notch and he gives an impressive performance on stage." Although Kyle is not a native English speaker, he works hard to challenge himself and we are excited for his performance in AACS's production of 12 Angry Men.




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