Apologetics: Preparing to Impact the World

Posted On: 10/25/2016 1:48 PM

Apologetics: Preparing to Impact the World
Posted 10/21/2016 02:20PM

Story by Donovan Clemmons

Class of 2017

Throughout the AACS Upper School, there is a class that every student knows is coming senior year. Leading up to your senior year, you hear about how challenging the tests are and how much there is to learn. The class is Apologetics, also known as Senior Bible. Apologetics is defined as a reasoned argument or writing in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine. At AACS, we attempt to understand, justify, and defend the Christian faith.

John Calvin, a 16th century protestant theologian and one of the most important figures of the Reformation, is quoted as saying, "A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God's truth is attacked and yet would remain silent." While we may not have John Calvin teaching our Apologetics class at AACS, we do have a great teacher in Mr. Doug Scheidt. Mr. Scheidt has been teaching at AACS for 12 years and is also our Head Chaplain. Mr. Scheidt says Apologetics is important because we are, "commanded to defend and explain the Christian faith." While God does not need us to defend him, doing so is a way for us to show our love for him.

Although Apologetics is a requirement for all AACS Upper School students, everyone takes the class senior year. This is not on accident. Mr. Scheidt believes that in order to truly delve into the subject. you must first have a foundation in theology and doctrine. Also, having Apologetics senior year sends students off well prepared for college.

When asked what his favorite thing about teaching was, Mr. Scheidt said that he loved teaching seniors since they have "one foot here and one foot in the world." He also enjoys connecting Christ and the gospel to practical life. In fact, some alumni who graduated years ago still call Mr. Scheidt to ask for advice and guidance.

Although I have only been taking Apologetics for a little under two months, the class has influenced me in ways I did not think were possible. Mr. Scheidt challenges us to think everyday on some topics that other teachers might shy away from. We discuss what it is like to be a Christian in today's culture where that is not always valued. I am glad I am taking Apologetics and I am sure it will give me a good foundation before going off to college.


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