Your ShelfIt Dashboard by EdTech Books

  1. Sign in / Sign up in the online bookstore. (Log in, or sign up if you're a new user).
  2. Access the bookstore.  After you log in, if you want SUMMER reading, you must change the little box that defaults to "Fall 2018" to "Summer 2018" then click the Store link on the left side menu to access the bookstore.  From the main screen click Shop Now.
  3. Select your term, courses, and books.  Click continue.
  4. Review your order and complete the checkout process by logging into your Shelfit account.
Click here for more detailed ordering instructions from EdTech.

Sell Your Used Books Back to EdTech - the 'Buyback' is now online!

Click here to get to your EdTech Login page. After you log in, click "Store" then select "Sell" to start the buyback process, you will be redirected to Follow the instructions on the site. If you have any questions or problems please contact customer support at 1(800)681-4883 for further assistance.

Once you click the "Sell" option in the Store you will be redirected to Follow the instructions on the page to continue.

At the bottom of your screen you will find helpful links like "How to sell textbooks and books" and "What 'good condition' means". If you still need assistance with this process please contact customer support at 1(800)681-4883.
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