Foundation and Beliefs

ANNAPOLIS AREA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL (AACS) has been serving Maryland families for over 40 years, providing an excellent, distinctly Christian education from Kindergarten through 12th grade.
Our Foundation
 Faith in the one true savior, Jesus Christ, is the foundation upon which our school stands. We acknowledge Jesus Christ both as our personal savior and as the Lord of all creation. The Bible is our guiding authority – the infallible word of God.
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Statement of Faith

Articles of Incorporation

AACS Constitution

Our History

One evening in 1970 a group of parents met, determined to find a solution to their common concern: the lack of educational options that fit with their Christian worldview. They desired to provide their children with an academically-excellent, biblically-based education which would complement the teaching they were already receiving at home and church, preparing them for college and to be future Christian leaders. READ MORE

Our Worldview
We are created for relationships with God, each other, and creation.
We are fallen in these relationships because of sin.
We are redeemed in these relationships through Jesus Christ.
We will be fully restored to these relationships when Christ returns.
Therefore: We invite students to respond in faith, worship, love, and obedience, by seeking Truth, serving others, and stewarding creation.

Our Mission

We engage students in an education of excellence enabling them to impact the world through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Core Principles

AACS has adopted five core principles (foundational values and strategies) that keep us on course in our education journey. We consider these non-negotiable. These are:
  • Community of Partnerships - As a diverse community of Christians, our purpose is to further biblical understanding of life through Christian education, in partnership with families and the church.
  • Biblical Worldview - We approach learning through the biblical perspective (creation, fall, redemption, and final restoration), striving to connect what we believe to what we do.
  • Educational Excellence - Continually seeking to improve our understanding in all things, we view excellence as a journey, not a destination (Colossians 3:23).
  • Creativity and Imagination - We encourage students to be innovative and adaptable serving Christ with an eye to the changing world.
  • Developing the Whole Child - God created each child in his own image with diverse gifts and talents. We work to help students achieve their potential in mind, body, and spirit. We seek to develop students of integrity, wisdom, and love.
Our Teachers

Teachers at the Annapolis Area Christian School are hired not only because they are masters in their field, but also because their lives exemplify biblical wisdom and the love of Christ. They are professionals with special instructional gifts who work constantly to strengthen the art of teaching.

Our Students

We believe that God created children in his own image each with their own diverse gifts and talents. We seek to help students develop their full potential in mind, body, and spirit.

Our Parents

AACS students come from homes where at least one parent has a personal faith in Jesus Christ and is active in a local Bible-based church. Our parents desire an excellent Christian education for their children within a safe and caring Christian community.

Our Role Within the Community

Annapolis Area Christian School occupies a unique place within the larger Christian community. While both Christian churches and AACS share in the educational and nurturing function, AACS focuses solely on integrating the Christian worldview into the modern educational experience, from Kindergarten through grade 12, restoring the link between spiritual and intellectual knowledge for a more complete understanding of our world.

Our Churches

AACS families attend over 150 different local Christian churches in our area.

Our Educational Program

AACS offers a college preparatory academic curriculum, a competitive athletic program, as well as outstanding fine arts in theater, choral, band, and visual arts. Biblical principles and values are integrated into academics, arts, athletics, activities, and attitudes.

Review our Educational Goals document.

Our Graduates

Today AACS has over 1,900 graduates. Approximately 98% of graduating seniors go on to higher education. They have been accepted at many of the nation's leading colleges and universities—Calvin, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Geneva, Gordon, Johns Hopkins, Messiah, MIT, Swarthmore, University of Maryland, University of Virginia, United States Naval Academy, Wheaton, William and Mary, and more. Many are leaders in every walk of life—men and women who use their Christian education to make a positive contribution in their communities and professions.
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