Eagles Explorations

Eagles Explorations is a summer long full day program designed to be a well-rounded and exciting experience. Each week’s session begins a different theme. That means your child can attend all eight sessions and always be challenged in a new and fun way! Blending learning and play, these programs offer a structured balance of activities to bring out your child’s creativity, intellect, and athleticism as they enjoy making new friendships!
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Activities are taught by experienced teaching professionals and other qualified counselors with expertise in the subject matter of that session. Counselors will guide, teach, nurture and encourage campers in developing new interests, improving self esteem, and in creating a greater respect for others. Whatever exciting activity is happening, campers will meet the challenge with confidence and enthusiasm.
Once a week, the Eagles Explorations group travels to the Severna Park Community Center to swim in the pool. Since the facilities are indoor it’s always fun—rain or shine. NOTE: Children in the Discoverers age group will remain at AACS to participate in a water day program on campus.

To wrap up camp every Friday, we welcome all family and friends to experience what the campers have been talking about all week. Slide shows, video productions and award programs are presented at 3:15 pm in the Kerr Center for the Arts auditorium. 

Eagles Explorations must comply with regulations of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Information on these regulations can be obtained by calling 410.266.8422.

-As there is no camp on Monday, July 3 or Tuesday, July 4, the three day week of July 5-8 is $175.
Register by March 31, 2017 and receive a $25 early bird discount for each child per week of camp ($100 non refundable deposit, per camper per session, is due with registration). The early bird discount will not be transferred from one week to another if the transfer is made after March 31, 2017.

For every session that you register more than one child in Eagles Explorations, you will receive $25 off the second, third, and each additional child. The sibling discount will be applied by the Summer Programs office after you register.

All students enrolled at AACS for the ’17-’18 school year will receive a $25 discount per week. Contact the Summer Programs office for details on how to obtain the discount.

Contact the Summer Programs office if you would only like your child to only attend a portion of the camp week. Half day tuition, 9:00am – 12:00pm or 1:00pm – 4:00pm, is $165 for the week. Daily rate is $80 per day. These rates will only be applied if arrangements have made prior to the start of camp. 

Each week’s session begins a different theme which will keep campers entertained and excited! Every Friday, we host an end-of-session activity which will be challenging and fun! We incorporate theme-related projects, as well as daily counselor skits and contests, to build up to this activity and it always brings lots of laughs.
June 19 – June 23: Splish Splash
Water, water, everywhere! Each day will consist of crazy fun water games on the beautiful athletic fields, so a bathing suit and change of clothes will be needed each day. Not a fan of getting wet? No need to worry, hanging out and soaking up the sun is always a fun alternative. The Friday Field Day will be a wet and wild afternoon of fun!
OPTIONAL FIELD TRIP: For $50.00, sign up for the Thursday field trip/sleepover. Weather permitting a trip to Sandy Point State Park is being planned, where we have access to the beach, water, playground, field, and basketball court before having a cookout and heading back to the school. Once back on campus, we will have an opportunity to enjoy a campfire, S'mores, games, and great times building friendships. Be sure to reserve your spot quickly as space is limited. Ages 8 and up.

June 26 – June 30: Looney Cartooney 
A wide variety of age appropriate cartoon television shows and movies will be brought to life through art projects, songs, activities, dress, and funny counselor skits! Campers are always encouraged to participate in theme related dress up, especially on Friday for the whirlwind of excitement and laughter where campers will recreate scenes from a host of cartoons!
July 5 – July 7: Olympics
Counselors, disguised as Olympic Athletes, will show off their talents (or lack thereof) in hopes to train campers into Olympic World Champions. Our Olympians will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills during the Eagles Olympics held on Friday during the Field Day activities!
July 10 – July 14: Feed Our Community
You will not want miss out on this week dedicated to feeding our community as we partner with Food Link of Maryland. Eagles Explorations is donating $25 from every registration received to go towards feeding those in need in our community. The Friday Field Day will consist of campers working together to complete challenges to acquire food to place in their box, which will be delivered to local communities.
July 17 – July 21: Superheroes
A summer favorite for campers and counselors alike! Superheroes will be teaching campers some of their essential superhero skills in preparation for the Superhero Mission on Friday. As always, theme related dress up is encouraged, especially for Friday.
July 24 – July 28: Honey, I Shrunk the Campers
A new theme which we expect will bring lots of fun, laughter and excitement! We will play a variety of sports, games and activities using oversized balls, boards and games! Some of the jumbo sized activities planned include soccer, frisbee golf, connect four, jenga, bowling, chutes and ladders, and the memory game. Eagles Explorations never stops searching for new and creative ways to ensure we are the best camp around!
OPTIONAL FIELD TRIP: For $50.00, you can reserve a spot for the Thursday field trip/sleepover. We will travel to Greenway Bowl for some bowling with a snack, and then to Monster Mini Golf for a round of mini golf. Once back on campus, we will have dinner, a campfire, S' mores, games, and great times with friends. Be sure to reserve your spot quickly, as space is limited. Ages 8 and up.
July 31 – August 4: Carnival
Fun carnival games during the week will get campers ready for an action-packed afternoon of carnival games, stations, candy, and craziness. The last day of this camp is done right as we end Eagles Explorations with a bang! Families are welcome to come and attend the carnival in the indoor turf arena beginning at 1:00pm.


Your child will automatically be placed into one of the following groups based on age. Throughout the day, the groups will stay together as they enjoy all the fun and excitement offered at their level.

Discoverers (ages 3 ½ to 5)
Flyers (ages 6 to 7)
Voyagers (ages 8 to 9)
Pioneers (ages 10 to 11)
Trailblazers (ages 12 to 13)
CIT (ages 14 to 16)

Discoverers are guided in a safe and nurturing environment while participating in a mix of fun and exciting activities. This group is a structured program designed to give young campers a taste of what our olders campers experience. Activities include story time, playground fun, physical education, arts and crafts, science, wrestling room, water games, toy time, Bible, theme, and video.

Flyers are challenged each day with a balanced mix of active learning and play under the leadership of an experienced team of teachers and counselors. Activities include story time, playground fun, physical education, wrestling room, science, arts and crafts, drama and improv, Bible, video, theme nature walks, and water games.

Voyagers are the “on the move” campers. Campers will be engaged in various activities throughout the day under the leadership of enthusiastic counselors. Activities include physical education, wrestling room, science, arts and crafts, drama and improv, Bible, video production, photography, theme, nature walks and water games.

Campers will be engaged in various activities throughout the day under the leadership of enthusiastic counselors. These groups are “on the move” including all the activities of the Voyagers as well as being challenged with Adobe Photoshop and archery.

Designed to be a two year program for teens interested in working with children and developing leadership skills, the CIT Training is carefully supervised and provides work-oriented experience. This program provides a CIT the opportunity to train under experienced staff while assisting in the day-to-day operations of the camp. CIT’s will meet daily with the CIT coordinator for planning, team-building exercises, and leadership training sessions. Time will also be spent observing and assisting counselors as they lead campers, and as the program develops, leading campers with their own games. A minimum of three to four weeks enrollment in the program is necessary for the CIT to take advantage of the full potential of the program. Session I runs from June 19 through July 14. Session II runs from July 17 through August 4. The cost of a session for a first time CIT is $900. The cost of a session for a CIT who has already completed four weeks is only $450. CITs that have completed two sessions in good standing will be invited back at no charge, and will hopefully one day become our next Junior Counselors!


Campers will learn and play one sport per week as they are engulfed in the joys of athletics and competition while gaining the benefits of physical activity. The sports played will include soccer, basketball, baseball, kickball, badminton, volleyball, and team handball. For questions on which age group will playing which sport during a specific week, contact the Summer Programs office.

Each week will focus on new projects, many of which will relate to the theme of the week, including painting and drawing, sculpting with paper mache, jewelry/accessory making, art around the world, and other projects to bring out a camper’s inner creativity.

Each week campers will conduct fun experiments and hands-on projects as they explore science in a variety of ways.

Who’s Line Is It Anyway meets Eagles Explorations in this activity located in our amazing Kerr Center Auditorium. This will be a fun time of creativity and laughter as campers perform on the big stage!

This class will focus on our weekly character traits, the Fruit of the Spirit, as listed on the Summer Programs Schedule on pages 4-5. This will be a leader driven time with games, songs, stories, Biblical teachings, and open discussion. This is a time of fun and fellowship where we want to share about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and teach valuable life lessons. At no point do we want your child to feel uncomfortable or forced to believe what we discuss.

Dedicated to the theme of the week, campers will prepare for the Friday field day through games, projects, and activities!

With padded walls and floor, time spent in the wresting room is safe, fun and exciting. Younger campers can let their creativity run wild, while older campers will play a camp favorite game, sprout ball! There is never any actual wrestling during this time, and as always, there is careful counselor supervision.

Campers will take pictures and learn about aspects specific to photography such as lighting and angles. Photographs from this group are always presented to the entire camp at the end-of-the-week slideshow.
Check out our Facebook page to see the slideshows and videos from last summer!  

Campers will develop, choreograph and produce a music video, camp newscast, or another creative production. From start to finish, campers will star in these mini productions which are shown at the end-of week celebration.

Each week campers will participate in games, races and relays involving water to cool down in the summer heat. Sprinklers, slip and slide, water balloons and other creative activities are all part of the fun.

Explore the many acres of the Upper School and hike the adventure trails through the woods. For those campers who really want to bring out their adventurous-side, we offer a great creek walk. Parents will be notified in advance of this unique opportunity so that campers can come prepared with an old pair of sneakers or water shoes.

Pioneers and Trailblazers will have time in the computer lab learning about Adobe Photoshop as they work with their own photos and images to design individual masterpieces.

Pioneers and Trailblazers will learn the basics of archery and will participate in fun challenges and end-of-the-week tournaments.

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