Bottle Dolls at the Lower School in Severn

Posted On: 3/6/2018 10:15 AM

Fifth grade students at the Lower School in Severn have concluded a biography project that was fun and interesting for the whole class. They each chose a person of interest from history and were asked to do a biography. They had to take notes and create a PowerPoint presentation to show the whole class. They also had to make a bottle doll of their person. Upon the conclusion of all of their hard work, parents were invited to class to watch the presentations and join the fifth grade for a small reception afterwards.
We asked a few students about this assignment and fifth grader Zach told us "I liked the assignment because it is fun to learn about other people and share the information with others.  My favorite part was making the bottle doll." Ashlyn also liked it for the same reason. Her favorite part was making the PowerPoint with transitions and animations.  Hannah liked it because it was a fun way to learn about someone else’s life. Her favorite part was sewing the clothes for her bottle doll. Michael told us "I liked it because it allowed me to be creative and share my creativity.  My favorite part was the PowerPoint and bottle doll."  
What a wonderful and creative way to learn about important people throughout history.


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